Chapter 885: Brutal Persona
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My Iyashikei Game Chapter 885: Brutal Persona

The siren kept ringing. Hope City encountered the biggest danger of the latest three years. Pure Hatred infiltrated the city for reasons unknown!

The balance shattered, and the former fear descended again. Crying came from the buffer zone. The complacent patrols became scared. Different from the center, there were some persona users at Hope City who didn’t know how to battle. They joined the patrols only for their benefit. They could struggle, perhaps against normal ghosts, but they ran faster than normal people when they met Pure Hatred. A weak battle spirit, a corrupted admin, tore apart the defense easily. The illusion of safety was torn apart.

“Make chaos. Only pain will wake them up.” The buffer zone had a lot of labs. There were many rare ghosts like Big Sin. These ghosts were priceless to Han Fei, so naturally, he wouldn’t let them go. Since he was there, might as well go for them.

“I need to destroy more labs to confuse Hope City.” Han Fei had found an excuse for his actions. He led the black merchants and started to ransack the place. Actually, Han Fei was doing a good thing. He didn’t let the ghosts wander away because that would harm the innocent citizens. Eating them was the best choice.

“Heart, skin, other organs…” When Han Fei wanted to go reclaim the rest of Big Sin’s body, the gate of Hope City’s central area opened. Vehicles with Deep Space Tech’s symbol rolled out. They were much stronger than the patrols. “Are they going for real this time?’

The elite force of Hope City was used to protect the people of the central and inner zones. The outer city and buffer zone were test zones. Only those who survived could rise to the middle city zone. “These monsters are failing to follow the rules less and less. I’ve long said that they can’t be treated as humans! They are not humans, so they have to be killed! We cannot retreat. We need to kill all of them!” A crazy howl came from a distance. A man in bloodred patient’s garb stood on a bloodred truck. His hands and face were bandaged. He was like a craz

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