Chapter 870: Killing me Gently
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My Iyashikei Game Chapter 870: Killing me Gently

Deep inside the room were dressers filled with persona. Connected to the personas was a brain inside a jar. Before the director arrived, Han Fei stepped over the broken fate and arrived at the center of the ghost territory. He picked up the jar with both hands. The threads that connected to the personas tightened. It felt like he was holding the entire absurd world in his hands.

“Do I live in illusion inside a jar or open my eyes to see the bloody truth?” Han Fei already had the answer. He slammed the jar on the ground!

The walls and floor cracked along with the jar. All the personas woke up from the nightmare. Balls of light came out of the rotten heads and gathered at Han Fei. Stepping into the broken world, Han Fei stared at the ground. The jar represented the boundary as well as ghost territory. The brain inside the jar was a symbol for even more things. It was No. 2’s brain as well as the director’s wish to control everything.

“The brain connects the ghost territory and reality. It also controls all the personas. Swallow it with your greed mist!” Without the influence of the ghost territory, No. 2’s voice became clearer.

Han Fei picked up the gem-like brain fragment from the ground. The fragment sensed something and actively joined with Han Fei. The connection deepened. Han Fei also became more connected to the personas inside the mental hospital.

“I’m going to kill you!”

A dark voice came from all sides. Han Fei needed time to combine with the brain fragment. It would take longer to swallow all the personas into the greed abyss.

“Hang in there! Do not give up no matter what. Once you give up, everything will be a waste. No one can help you escape from the ghost territory!” this was the first time No. 2 sounded so urgent. Han Fei was at a crossroads. If he failed, he would perish.

“Is the director here?” Han Fei lifted his head. A giant monster crawled out of the ground. Its hands were covered by brown capillaries, and its body was covered with children’s paintings. All the children’s fears were painte

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