Chapter 868: I'm Here
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My Iyashikei Game Chapter 868: I'm Here

“Notification for Player 0000! You’ve discovered the explorer’s persona. This persona comes from the mental patient at the hospital and has been removed by the Pure Hatred.” The head disappeared in Han Fei’s hand as it dissolved into his consciousness. He also gained more mental corruption. “Can these personas be consumed by the greed abyss?”

Han Fei considered that possibility. The doctor widened his eyes in fear. He didn’t expect Han Fei would say something similar to Pure Hatred. “What was I thinking about? It looks like I’ve really been influenced by Gao Cheng. I now want to consume everything.”

After the second doctor turned into ash, the ghost territory started to show problems. It was originally dark outside, but now the weak light had returned. The illusion also became weaker.

“Other than myself, someone else is destroying the black boxes. The director has underestimated the center.” Once Han Fei exited the elevator, his consciousness rang out with No. 2’s voice. “Leave this floor as soon as possible. Run upwards! Follow the crying of children. Do not stop no matter what happens.”

“Run up? Upstairs?”

The ground underneath Han Fei’s feet moved. The tiles shifted. Something was crawling out of the gaps. The walls peeled off. Rotten air wafted off the walls. There was a weak coughing voice. Half a pale face appeared at the corner. He silently followed Han Fei like a shadow.

“Different fears have weaved together. This means that a lot of members have been affected.”

Han Fei couldn’t find the stairs, so he ran as fast as he could. However, he couldn’t shake off the stalker behind him. He was tormented constantly. “Where is the children crying?” Han Fei wondered when he noticed the paintings on the walls had changed.

Han Fei remembered that when he just entered the building, the paintings featured patients conducting cruel surgeries on doctors. But now, there were paintings featuring images outside the hospital, like two young people strolling at the mall, a family at a picnic, boys swimming at the pool,

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