Chapter 67
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The Sword Mountain Sect held significant fame in the world of martial artists, and it was known for forging swords of excellent quality. Thus, many people would go out of their way to buy swords from the sect.

Out of three sect leaders who led the Sword Mountain Sect, the First Sect Leader stood out the most. He was the most famous blacksmith during his era. When he was 40 years old, he stopped forging swords for others and chose to spend the remainder of his life forging a sword named the Coldwater Blade. Meanwhile, since its creation, the Coldwater Blade remained known as the "Number One Sword Under the Heavens."

The Coldwater Blade's existence was one of the main contributors to the Sword Mountain Sect's current fame, and many people in the world of martial artists sought to see the sword. Meanwhile, without exception, everyone who laid eyes on the blade would only have praises for it. Naturally, many people had also sought to make the Coldwater Blade their own.

Unfortunately, the First Sect Leader had refused all requests to purchase the blade. It didn't matter what conditions or treasures others offered.

Unable to resist the Coldwater Blade's temptation, some people asked the First Sect Leader on what condition he would be willing to part with the blade. In response, the First Sect Leader stated that only a top-tier swordsman would befit a top-tier sword like the Coldwater Blade.

In other words, one would have to prove their swordsmanship to the First Sect Leader to acquire the Coldwater Blade.

As soon as the First Sect Leader's words spread, many swordsmen in the world of martial artists started growing restless. While those unskilled remained unfazed by the news, those ranked at the top fervently competed with each other to gain the title of number one swordsman in the world.

However, at this time, fire suddenly engulfed the Sword Mountain Sect. More than half of the sect's members died in the fire, including the First Sect Leader's wife.

When it was later discovered that the fire was caused by someone trying to steal the Coldwater Blade, the First Sect Leader grew enraged and hid the Coldwater Blade, only making the sword's whereabouts known to the sect's successor. Moreover, he also threatened that should the sect come into any more harm, he would destroy the Coldwater Blade, making it so that nobody could acquire it.

Afterward, the Sword Mountain Sect underwent a reconstruction, and the Coldwater Blade was passed down generation after generation. Now, the sect was already in the hands of the third generation's successor.

However, even after more than 200 years had passed, the Coldwater Blade's fame remained known in the world of martial artists. As for the Sword Mountain Sect itself, after three generations of continuous research and hard work, it had developed into an existence much greater than it had been two centuries ago. The sect had also developed its interpersonal relationship, which allowed it to remain untouched throughout all these years.

Whenever Shen Zheyan heard about the Sword Mountain Sect's story, she couldn't help but sympathize with the sect. She also couldn't help but look forward to seeing the legendary Coldwater Blade.

Entering the Sword Mountain Sect required one to have something known as the "Hero Invitation."

The Hero Invitation was a specially crafted card, and one could tell if it was real or a counterfeit at a glance. In such a situation, Those who sought to enter the Sword Mountain Sect but didn't receive the Hero Invitation would naturally set their sights on those who did receive a Hero Invitation.

As luck would have it, Jun Zishu and Shen Zheyan came across one such group of people. To be precise, they came across a group surrounding another group that held a Hero Invitation.

"Should we go and help?" Jun Zishu asked Shen Zheyan as she looked at the group of fierce-looking thugs ahead of them.

In response, Shen Zheyan shook her head and led Jun Zishu into the nearby forest. She intended to observe the situation first before deciding on whether to make a move.

"What are you people trying to do?"

The person who spoke was a girl, her sharp voice carrying hints of anger.

"Hand over the Hero Invitation or leave your lives here," the leader of the thugs, a fierce man with numerous scars on his face, said.

"Who do you think you are? How dare you speak to us like this?" the girl spoke again, her voice carrying hints of ridicule this time. Anyone could quickly tell that she was a short-tempered young lady.

"What you people are doing is inappropriate."

The one who spoke this time was a man, the man's voice sounding calm and unhurried.

"Beat them up, Big Brother Xu," the girl said and snorted in dissatisfaction.

Thanks to Little Fairy's reminder, Jun Zishu already knew who the person ahead of them was.

The third male lead had finally stepped onto the stage.

Meng Xu, the son of the Martial Arts Alliance's current Alliance Master. If nothing untoward happened, Meng Xu should become the next Alliance Master.

The Martial Arts Alliance was an integral part of the world of martial artists. It also served as a spiritual pillar for many martial artists.

Meanwhile, to become the Martial Arts Alliance's Alliance Master, one couldn't just be skilled in martial arts. One also needed to have a good head on their shoulders and have the ability to resolve all sorts of problems. After all, many martial artists were brutes who only knew how to make trouble. Someone capable was needed to keep these brutes in check.

As one of the story's male leads, Meng Xu naturally came with excellent configurations. Not only was he handsome and composed, but he was also skilled in martial arts, though not as strong as Shen Zheyan, of course. As the protagonist of this world, Shen Zheyan naturally had to be stronger than the story's supporting characters.

Meanwhile, this powerful protagonist was currently getting ready to help at any time.

"Enough with the nonsense. If you don't want to leave the Hero Invitation behind, we'll be taking the invitation and your lives, then," the leader of the thugs said, making a gesture.

Immediately, the other thugs drew their weapons and attacked Meng Xu and his female companion.

Meng Xu's female companion didn't seem very skilled. After a few exchanges, she let out a scream as she tripped on herself and fell to the ground. As a result, Meng Xu had to fight against the many thugs all by himself while also protecting his female companion. While he managed to hold his ground thanks to his skill, anyone could tell that he was fighting a losing battle.

At this time, Shen Zheyan finally made her move. Picking up a pebble, she threw it at a thug's kneecap with great strength and precision, the impact causing the thug to stumble and fall.

"Who did that?!"

The leader of the thugs quickly noticed the intervention and looked around cautiously.

"You bunch are acting really arrogant in broad daylight. Seeing how familiar you are with your actions, it seems this isn't your first time carrying out such a crime," Shen Zheyan said as she walked out of the forest with Jun Zishu by her side.

"Miss Shen," Meng Xu called out in pleasant surprise.

"Do I know you?" Shen Zheyan asked, feeling a little confused.

"I saw you at the martial arts conference. Your performance was outstanding."

"Thank you," Shen Zheyan politely thanked Meng Xu.

While the two were talking, the thugs naturally weren't so patient as to wait for them to finish their conversation. Immediately, some of them brandished their weapons at Meng Xu, while some split from the group and charged at Shen Zheyan.

However, Shen Zheyan wasn't the protagonist for nothing. She evaded the thugs' attacks with agile movements and unsheathed her sword, claiming a life with every swing she made.

"Heavenly Spirit's One Sword?"

The thug leader narrowed his eyes when he saw Shen Zheyan killing his subordinates like flies. Then, after whistling a signal, he ran away without hesitation. As for the thugs fighting Meng Xu, they, too, fled with their leader.

Shen Zheyan did not bother chasing after the thugs. Instead, she simply frowned at their cowardice.

"Thank you for your help, Miss Shen," Meng Xu said, letting out a sigh of relief.

Meng Xu's female companion also thanked Shen Zheyan for her help before scrutinizing her with a curious gaze.

"You're welcome. Are you two alright?"

"We are fine, thanks to you."

Meng Xu had only suffered a few cuts. As for his female companion, he had protected her well, so apart from being a little frightened, she didn't suffer any injuries.

While the three were talking, Jun Zishu had crouched down beside one of the corpses and searched it. A moment later, she said, "He doesn't have anything on him."

"Those people looked too trained to be ordinary thugs," Meng Xu said, his eyes fixated on Shen Zheyan.

"It feels a little strange."

Shen Zheyan felt that something was amiss. However, she did not plan on looking into this matter since the banquet would be starting soon.

"Miss Shen, I am Meng Xu, and this is my younger cousin, Chen Mengyu," Meng Xu introduced himself and his female companion.

"Brother Meng, Miss Chen," Shen Zheyan greeted.

Jun Zishu did not say anything. Instead, she simply gave the other party a perfunctory nod.

Meng Xu was one of the original storyline's male leads, while Chen Mengyu was a supporting female character meant to be cannon fodder. Should Meng Xu and Shen Zheyan get together, Chen Mengyu would become an obstacle that hindered their relationship at every step.

Jun Zishu wasn't interested in taking part in such a troublesome affair, so she didn't wish to have any contact with Meng Xu and Chen Mengyu at all.

Not to mention, Jun Zishu knew that Shen Zheyan already had feelings for her, and the likelihood of Meng Xu getting it on with Shen Zheyan was practically zero. So, Jun Zishu neither had to fear or care about Meng Xu at all now.

"Are you heading to the Sword Mountain Sect as well, Miss Shen? If so, how about we travel together? It'll be livelier that way," Meng Xu suggested with a dazzling smile.

Before Shen Zheyan could even ponder over Meng Xu's suggestion, she felt Jun Zishu quietly poking her back. Quickly taking the hint, Shen Zheyan shook her head and said, "That won't be necessary. Please be more careful from now on."

After Shen Zheyan finished speaking, she leisurely walked away with Jun Zishu without waiting for Meng Xu to say anything.

"I thought you would agree to travel with them," Jun Zishu suddenly said, curling her lips as she held Shen Zheyan's hand. Although the two of them were only walking, their speed was by no means slow, so they had long since walked out of Meng Xu's sight.

"Weren't you against it?"

"So, does that mean you would've agreed if I didn't poke you?"

"Of course not," Shen Zheyan said, shaking her head.

"Actually, there is one part about you that has always worried me, Big Sister."


"You keep behaving so kindly and warmly to strangers. So long as other people mention traveling together, you will rarely hesitate to accept. But I only wish to be with Big Sister. I want only the two of us to travel together. Do you understand?" Jun Zishu asked as she swung her hand that was intertwined with Shen Zheyan's hand.

"Mhm," Shen Zheyan calmly responded. Inwardly, though, a sweet feeling overwhelmed her heart.

The remaining journey to the Sword Mountain Sect proceeded smoothly. After arriving at the sect's entrance, Shen Zheyan presented her Hero Invitation, and the guard there let her and Jun Zishu pass.

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"We only have one invitation, so why are you letting both of us in?" Jun Zishu curiously asked the guard.

Shen Zheyan also looked at the guard curiously.

"Everyone who knows of Heavenly Spirit's One Sword would know of the red-dressed girl who travels with her," the guard indifferently said before checking the next visitor's invitation.

Hearing the guard's words, Jun Zishu and Shen Zheyan turned to look at each other. Before they knew it, everyone in the world of martial artists had come to know that the two of them were together.

Although Shen Zheyan felt happy about this situation, Jun Zishu couldn't help but feel complicated.

When Jun Zishu saw Shen Zheyan's smile and thought about what was to come, her heart ached for Shen Zheyan.

The Sword Mountain Sect was a massive place. In preparation for the sect leader's birthday banquet, the sect had prepared many courtyards to welcome the world of martial artists' VIPs.

As the event was meant to be a birthday banquet, Shen Zheyan naturally didn't come empty-handed. However, as she wasn't trying to butter up the Sword Mountain Sect, the gift she prepared wasn't particularly valuable.

"This is the courtyard we have prepared for your stay, Miss Warriors. If you two have any needs, please feel free to summon the servants outside," the female servant guiding the way respectfully said as she brought Jun Zishu and Shen Zheyan to an elegantly decorated courtyard.

"Thank you," Shen Zheyan said.

The servant bowed and took her leave.

After the servant left, Jun Zishu sat on the bed and yawned.


"Mhm." Jun Zishu hummed a response. The main event would begin in two days, so she needed to rest her spirits before that.

"Get some rest, then," Shen Zheyan said as she helped Jun Zishu remove her outerwear.