Chapter 55
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Although Wei Zinan's expression briefly changed when he heard Jun Zishu's words, he quickly recovered and said, "So what if you know? It's normal for a gentleman to seek a fair lady. I'm not afraid of letting others know that I like Zheyan."

"Suit yourself."

Jun Zishu shrugged and followed Shen Zheyan into the room, abruptly ending her conversation with Wei Zinan. Before she closed the door, she even gave Wei Zinan a cheeky smile.

Meanwhile, Wei Zinan was stunned by this unexpected development, a slight frown forming on his face.

"What happened? What were you two talking about?" Shen Zheyan asked while unpacking her travel sack.

"Nothing, nothing. We were just chit-chatting," Jun Zishu said, waving her hand. She wasn't so bored as to say something like "You're not allowed to like her" to Wei Zinan. There was no point in saying such things at all. Moreover, she ran the risk of exposing her thoughts if she spoke too much. Currently, she planned to maintain her character setting as an innocent little sister in front of Shen Zheyan. That way, she could tease Shen Zheyan without fear of any repercussions.

"Is that so?" Shen Zheyan nodded, casting no doubt on Jun Zishu's words. Then, she began sorting out her slightly wet robe.

Jun Zishu also started combing her slightly wet hair. Then, she approached the window, looked at the misty world outside, and said, "The rain should be stopping soon. Let's go out for a stroll once it stops, Big Sister."

The rain outside had started to lighten up already. At this rate, it should stop within the hour.


Subsequently, Jun Zishu and Shen Zheyan had a light snack while waiting for the rain to stop.

Like Jun Zishu stated, the rain stopped, and the sunlight illuminated the land again shortly afterward. However, as some dark clouds remained in the sky, the sunlight that reached the ground wasn't as intense as before.

"Let's go out and look around."

"Should we invite Brother Zinan?"

"Big Sister, we are two girls going out shopping. What's a man like him going to do following us?" Jun Zishu said as she tugged at Shen Zheyan's sleeve.

"I guess you're right. I'll notify Brother Zinan that we're heading out, then."

"Go on, go on."

"Brother Zinan," Shen Zheyan called out after knocking on Wei Zinan's door. Then, when Wei Zinan opened the door with a confused look on his face, Shen Zheyan said, "I'm here to tell you that Yan Xi and I are going out for a stroll."

"Where to? Why don't we go together?" Wei Zinan asked as he pulled the door aside.

In response, Shen Zheyan shook her head and said, "Yan Xi and I are just going out for a casual stroll, Brother Zinan. You can go wherever you want; no need to follow us."

"That's right, Wei Zinan. What will you do following two girls on a stroll?" Jun Zishu chimed in.

"I guess you're right. I'll go walk around the city as well, then," Wei Zinan said as he stepped out of his room and closed the door behind him.

Afterward, the three of them split up at the inn's entrance and moved as two separate groups.

Wei Zinan let out a sigh as he stared at Shen Zheyan's departing figure. Shen Zheyan had never rejected his requests in the past. Yet, now…

Wei Zinan shook his head and turned away. Then, he began walking slowly down the long street by himself.

Jun Zishu merrily strolled around the city while dragging Shen Zheyan along with her. The rain had just ended, so there was still the smell of water in the air. The flagstone pavement was still wet as well, so their feet would create small splashes with every step they took.

Jun Zishu wore her iconic red dress today, while Shen Zheyan wore her standard white robe. The former looked lively and agile, while the latter looked like a heavenly celestial. Despite the stark contrast in their attires, they complemented each other very well.

"Slow down a little, Yan Xi."

"No, you should hurry up, Big Sister! I see someone selling candied haws in front! Let's go buy some!" Jun Zishu said excitedly.

Shaking her head helplessly, Shen Zheyan answered, "Okay."

The two quickly arrived in front of the stall selling candied halls, and Jun Zishu bought two skewers with a smile. Then, the two of them enjoyed the candied haws as they leisurely walked down the street.

"Why are you eating so slowly?" Shen Zheyan asked as she looked at the skewer in Jun Zishu's hand. She was almost done with her skewer, while Jun Zishu was only on her second candied haw.

Instead of replying to Shen Zheyan, Jun Zishu gently licked the candied haw with the tip of the tongue, gradually depleting the layer of candy coating the hawthorn.

When the candy layer was almost gone, Jun Zishu pulled the second hawthorn out of the skewer and rolled it around in her mouth, the way her cheeks puffed up when she did so, further increasing her cuteness. Then, a moment later, she spat the hawthorn out of her mouth and into a nearby bush before proceeding to lick the third candied haw.

At this time, Shen Zheyan finally understood what was going on.

"You don't like hawthorns? Why did you even buy candied haws, then?"

"Because the candy used for the coating is delicious. I don't like sour things, and hawthorns are too sour for me."

"Really? Mine doesn't taste particularly sour," Shen Zheyan said as she waved around the remaining half-bitten hawthorn on her skewer.

Seeing this, Jun Zishu leaned forward and said, "Let me have a taste."


Shen Zheyan fell into thought as she looked at the part where she had taken a bite out of.

However, before Shen Zheyan could react, Jun Zishu had already snatched the skewer out of Shen Zheyan's hand and licked the bitten part of the hawthorn.

"You're right. It doesn't taste as sour as I thought," Jun Zishu said as she licked her lips. Then, she went in for another lick of the hawthorn.

Shen Zheyan blushed at this sight. That was something she had taken a bite out of, after all. Yet, not only did Jun Zishu lick it, but the girl had even licked it twice.

Suddenly, the tantalizing thoughts Shen Zheyan had previously suppressed resurfaced, the memory of Jun Zishu's dainty tongue exploring her lips appearing in her mind. Even now, she vividly remembered the soft and warm sensation.

Upon realizing what she was thinking, Shen Zheyan was startled and quickly suppressed her inner thoughts.

When Shen Zheyan returned to her senses, Jun Zishu had already taken the half-bitten candied haw into her mouth and chewed it. However, a short moment later, her face wrinkled, creating an extraordinarily funny sight to behold.

After struggling to swallow the hawthorn, Jun Zishu hurriedly massaged her cheek with her free hand.

"What's the matter? Too sour?"

"Yeah. You told me it wasn't sour," Jun Zishu said as she looked at Shen Zheyan with an aggrieved look. Then, she resumed licking her skewer of candied haws to neutralize the sour aftertaste.

"But it really isn't sour," Shen Zheyan said with an innocent expression. Her eyes, however, had curved into smiles. She guessed that her childhood friend wasn't too good at handling sour things.

"If I say it's sour, then it's sour," Jun Zishu adamantly said.

"Yes, yes, yes. It's sour, it's sour," Shen Zheyan said, having no other choice but to nod in the end.

Jun Zishu was indeed bad at handling acidic foods. Her tolerance for sour things was much lower compared to the average person. This was true for both her actual body and her current body.

"That's more like it," Jun Zishu said, lifting her head proudly and acting like a spoiled child.

Subsequently, Jun Zishu and Shen Zheyan continued strolling for a while longer. After buying some trinkets and having their dinner outside, they made their way back to the inn.

When it was time for bed, Jun Zishu went to the bath first, and then Shen Zheyan.

When Shen Zheyan returned, she found Jun Zishu setting up the bed. To her surprise, there was one bed but two blankets.

"Xi'er, what is this?"

"I asked for an extra blanket so that we'll each have one. I'm worried that you'll feel awkward," Jun Zishu said, smiling. Then, she resumed setting up the bed, doing her best to behave like a considerate person.

It was only yesterday that they had shared an intimate moment. Moreover, they had done so out of compulsion. Jun Zishu knew what moderation meant. She knew that her current consideration would only increase Shen Zheyan's favorability toward her. Shen Zheyan might even feel a sense of loss in this situation.

"I don't find it awkward at all," Shen Zheyan said. Jun Zishu's consideration only served to make her feel even more unnatural.

"Come and rest. I originally planned to put a rolled-up blanket between us, but we will need a third blanket in that case. That's too much trouble, so let's just settle with one blanket each," Jun Zishu said as she patted the bed. Then, she swiftly wrapped herself in her blanket and beamed a smile at Shen Zheyan.

Shen Zheyan's heart inexplicably shuddered at Jun Zishu's invitation. After hesitating for a moment, she laid down on the bed as well.

The bed in this room was more than enough to fit the two of them. The separate blankets they used also served as a barrier to isolate them from each other. Even though they were sleeping on the same bed, it didn't feel like it at all.

Shen Zheyan had thought of making some small talk. However, the current atmosphere prevented her from doing so. While it might feel strange not to say anything, she felt that it'd be even stranger if she said something. So, she decided that it'd be better to maintain the current atmosphere.

Shen Zheyan was aware that Jun Zishu was looking after her feelings. She knew it. However, she didn't know whether she should have those emotions.

They had clearly faced the same situation yesterday; they had taken the same drug, got intimate with each other, and embraced each other. Yet, when they woke up, Jun Zishu remained nonchalant while she needed Jun Zishu to care for her feelings. This situation made it seem like she was being overly conscious of the situation.

Eventually, Shen Zheyan closed her eyes and fell asleep with complicated thoughts filling her mind.


Around midnight, Shen Zheyan suddenly woke up to something hitting her body. Immediately, she opened her eyes and subconsciously entered a defensive state, only to find no threat around her whatsoever.

After taking a closer look, Shen Zheyan discovered that Jun Zishu had domineeringly placed a leg over her body. It was also this leg that had given her a violent wake-up call.

Seeing that Jun Zishu had also kicked aside her blanket, Shen Zheyan helplessly smiled and sat up. The weather in this region was especially cold at night. So, Jun Zishu might catch a cold if she slept without a blanket.

Reaching over Jun Zishu's body, Shen Zheyan grabbed the blanket that had been pushed aside and draped it over Jun Zishu's body. However, as soon as she finished doing so, Jun Zishu started growing restless and pushed the blanket aside again.

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Shen Zheyan felt her head aching slightly at this scene. However, she still persistently grabbed the blanket and draped it over Jun Zishu again. However, less than a minute later, Jun Zishu's leg snuck out of the blanket and straddled Shen Zheyan's body again.

Shen Zheyan took a deep breath. Then, with great patience, she removed the intrusive leg from her body and covered Jun Zishu with the blanket again.

Unfortunately, just like before, Shen Zheyan's efforts this time similarly ended up in waste.

Out of frustration, Shen Zheyan tossed Jun Zishu's blanket aside and extended her own blanket over Jun Zishu's body. She didn't even bother to remove the leg placed across her body this time. Then, after doing so, she laid down and closed her eyes.

After Shen Zheyan closed her eyes, Jun Zishu briefly opened her eyes and smirked before returning to sleep.