Chapter 43
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After Jun Zishu and Qin Youran started dating, Qin Youran's daily life was filled with pink bubbles. She would sneak in a few kisses whenever she had nothing better to do.

To spice things up a little, they would even kiss in empty classrooms, empty corridors, and hidden locations around the school campus. These escapades were both stimulating and nerve-wracking.

However, Jun Zishu didn't forget to urge Qin Youran to study, either.

Eventually, the two successfully entered the same university. And just like before, Jun Zishu came in first place in Chenghai City for the National College Entrance Examination.

This time, Jun Zishu did not push away the interview requests she received. She accepted the requests and took the interview seriously and officially. She even cooperated with Yunying High to do a photoshoot of her touring the school campus.

Yunying High's principal was naturally ecstatic over Jun Zishu's achievement. After all, Chenghai City's top scorers for the National College Entrance Examination had always originated from First High in the past. Yet, Yunying High had received the honors for this achievement this year. Meanwhile, because of this huge achievement, Yunying High's principal had decided to offer Jun Zishu a very generous scholarship.

Although Jun Zishu didn't lack money, she still chose to accept the scholarship. However, instead of using the money to pay for her university tuition, she spent it on traveling with Qin Youran during their holidays.

When Jun Zishu and Qin Youran entered university, they rented a house near their school and continued their sweet honeymoon days.

Jun Zishu was responsible for cooking since Qin Youran didn't know the meaning of moderation.

Even after entering university, Jun Zishu and Qin Youran continued being regarded as famous individuals in their school. Qin Youran became the head honcho of the finance department thanks to her beauty, excellent academic performance, and friendly personality. She managed to get along with both teachers and students. Because of this, she was even labeled as the school's goddess.

As for Jun Zishu, she was the bigshot of the jewelry design department. Although she possessed a cute face, she maintained an aloof personality. Rarely would she take the initiative to strike up a conversation with others.

The field of jewelry design was much more mature abroad, so Jun Zishu chose to participate in an exchange program in her second year of university. Meanwhile, with how much Qin Youran loved her wife, she naturally applied for the exchange program as well.

The two came out of the closet the year after they graduated from university. They knelt in front of their parents and revealed the truth, stunning their parents.

Needless to say, neither of their parents took the revelation happily.

"What are you two saying?" Qin Xiaoman asked with a confused look. She even needed Jun Qi to support her to keep herself sitting upright. While Qin Xiaoman was aware that such a group of people existed in the world, she never expected her daughter to belong to this group, so she was greatly shocked by this revelation.

Jun Qi, on the other hand, took the news with a much more open mind. He was a novelist, so he was only briefly surprised before he regained his calm.

"We're going home." Qin Xiaoman decided and dragged Jun Zishu home.

Jun Zishu cooperatively left with her mother. As she left, she also made sure to glance at Qin Youran, signaling her to proceed with what they planned.

When the front door closed, silence enveloped the Qin family's home. Qin Youran was the first one to speak up in this silence.

"Mom, Dad, I like her. I love her. I want to be with her," Qin Youran frankly said to her parents.

"Do you know what you're saying? This isn't a game."

"I'm already an adult. I can tell what's right from wrong."

"But she's your cousin!" Father Qin said.

"We're not blood-related. You should know this as well, Dad."

"How long?"

"Seven years."

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"What?! Seven?!"

Father Qin shot up from his seat while Mother Qin nearly dropped the cup in her hand.

"Daddy, Mommy, I don't ask for you to accept our relationship. I only hope that you won't try to stop us. I've loved her for seven years already, and I will continue loving her for many more years," Qin Youran calmly recited the script she and Jun Zishu prepared.

Father Qin sat in silence for some time before exchanging glances with Mother Qin.

On the other side, Jun Zishu's process of coming out of the closet proceeded extraordinarily smoothly. She only said a few words to silence Qin Xiaoman.

"I love her, Mommy."

"How long have you two been together?"

Qin Xiaoman didn't know how she should dissuade her daughter. She was also afraid of doing so. It was only in recent years that her daughter's eyes had regained their light. She was worried that her objections might cause those eyes to lose their light again.

"Four years."

"You two actually hid it from us for so long?"

It would've been easy to split the two girls apart if they had only been together for four days. It would've been a little difficult if it was four months but still doable. However, how was she supposed to split them apart if they had been together for four years already?

Overall, Jun Zishu's and Qin Youran's coming out of the closet this time proceeded relatively smoothly.

The two reunited a few days later and started living together again.

Of course, it didn't mean that their parents had accepted their relationship already. It might have been fine if their daughters had fallen in love with a stranger, but it was a different story if their daughters' target of affection was their respective nieces. This was simply too much for Qin Xiaoman, Father Qin, and Mother Qin to accept within a short period.

Thus, Jun Zishu and Qin Youran moved into the nest they bought for themselves and continued their sweet and romantic life.

Eventually, Qin Youran started inheriting her father's business while Jun Zishu worked as a designer in Qin Xiaoman's company. Jun Zishu even earned many rewards for her outstanding designs.

Qin Youran took on a tough and aggressive stance in the business world. Shortly after she inherited her father's business, she started clashing heads with Gao You.

At this time, Qin Youran had long since extinguished any feelings of friendship she had for Gao You. She still remembered the things she had done to her father's company in the past.

As a result, the two clashed both on the surface and in the dark, neither letting each other have their way.

However, fate truly was a fickle mistress. Despite Jun Zishu's efforts, He Bailing and Gao You still ended up meeting each other.

Fortunately, before He Bailing fell for the scumbag, Jun Zishu had told her about Gao You's personality and the underhanded things he had done. Meanwhile, after hearing about Gao You's deeds, He Bailing blacklisted his phone number and severed all connections with him without hesitation.

Taking Jun Zishu's advice to heart, He Bailing eventually became a famous singer. At the same time as she succeeded in her career, she also found her own love.

As for Gao You, he eventually went bankrupt in his competition with Qin Youran and died after a drunken accident.

When Jun Zishu heard about Gao You's fate from Little Fairy, the only thing she had to say was, "what comes around, goes around."

In the second year after Jun Zishu and Qin Youran got together, their parents officially accepted their relationship. However, they still couldn't help but find it awkward that their two families would go from relatives to in-laws.

Tomorrow was an interview magazine that interviewed successful people in its weekly issues.

Both Qin Youran and Jun Zishu had participated in the magazine's interview. Moreover, their interviews were done one after another.

Tomorrow, 179th issue:

Q: Miss Qin, do you have anything you wish to say to your lover?

A: I want to eat sweet and sour pork tomorrow.

Tomorrow, 180th issue:

Q: Designer Jun, do you have anything you wish to say to your lover?

A: I'll make sweet and sour pork for you tomorrow.

Let's hope that we will always have a tomorrow to look forward to.

[End of Mission]

When Jun Zishu opened her eyes, she found Little Fairy flying about in front of her.

"Host, Host, congratulations on another successful mission~ I think you'll receive an excellent evaluation this time as well. Maybe it'll be another S-rank! Make sure to get a good rest once you leave. I'll be waiting for you here."


Jun Zishu sat up in the nutrition pod, her head feeling a little dizzy.

This time, she didn't need anyone to lead the way to the Emotion Separation Division. After getting her emotions separated, her mind became a lot more stable. However, she still experienced mild dizziness. Thus, while massaging her temples, Jun Zishu returned to her dormitory and tried to sleep the dizziness away.


In the central control room, several division chiefs anxiously stared at the central screen.

"She received the highest evaluation this time as well. Can you see if there are any energy fluctuations?"

"We're checking now."

"Yes! There are fluctuations! It's Lord's energy signature again!"

"What's going on? How can she be related to Lord? Isn't she still an intern?"

"Have her change divisions immediately. We need to see if Lord is sleeping in the Fate Changing Division or if Lord will continue following her," Liang Yi, the Fate Changing Division's chief, said.

"Okay, no problem."

"If we detect Lord's energy signature from her again, I will go and meet her in person," Liang Yi added as she retracted her gaze from the screen, her voice sounding a little excited.

Jun Zishu slept for ten hours straight, only waking up when her stomach started growling.

After having a portion of nutrition fluid at the canteen, she felt thoroughly refreshed and decided to begin her next mission. She didn't have anything better to do, in any case. So, she might as well try to complete her internship as quickly as possible.

When Jun Zishu laid into her nutrition pod, Little Fairy suddenly appeared in front of her and excitedly flew around in circles.

"Host, you're back? I have great news to tell you!"

"What is it?"

"Because of your outstanding performance in the previous two missions, the higher-ups have decided to award you by letting you undertake an exchange mission."

"Exchange mission? What's that?"

"It means that you get to do missions in other divisions! It's going to be a lot of fun! Other people normally wouldn't get the chance to work in other departments unless they have incredibly high authority or request to change divisions. You've only completed two missions, yet you already have the opportunity to take on an exchange mission! It's incredible!"

"Is that so? What division will we be working for this time?"

"Let me see… It's the Harmony Maintenance Division."

"Huh? What the heck is that?"

The Harmony Maintenance Division sounded like a strange place no matter how Jun Zishu thought about it. Was she supposed to save a crumbling world in this division?

"Cough, cough, cough! This division exists to maintain the harmony of life. The division's motto is '1v1 is Justice!'"

"Can you speak in a language I understand?" Jun Zishu asked, her head starting to feel dizzy again.

"You can think of the Harmony Maintenance Division as the Anti-harem Division."

"Why don't they use this name, then?"

"Anti-harem Division" sounded much more concise and easy to understand than "Harmony Maintenance Division."

"I don't know, either. Anyway, let's go!"


When Jun Zishu opened her eyes again, she found herself appearing in a completely different world.

[Host, let me give you a heads up. The system information this division provides is different from the information our division provides.]

How so?

[You can inherit the memories of the body you occupy. You can also learn about how the protagonist will interact with her harem members in the future. However, in the latter's case, you can only get a summary of the information. Also, you won't get to know the harem members' identities in advance. You will only receive their information when you meet them in person.]

Got it.

[I'll start transferring the information, then.]


Jun Zishu closed her eyes and began receiving the system information and digesting the memories of her current body's original owner.

However, as there wasn't a lot of data available, Jun Zishu only took a few minutes to process everything.

What is the mission this time, Little Fairy? Who is the mission target?

[The mission is to keep the protagonist in a 1v1 relationship. The protagonist has three men, so please stop them from entering a relationship no matter what.]

…I think it'd be better if we stick with our division.