Chapter 25
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"Are you experiencing any discomforts?" the female staff responsible for overseeing the pods in the area asked after approaching Jun Zishu.

"I'm fine."

Jun Zishu shook her head and climbed out of her pod.

"If you're tired, get a good rest once you arrive in your assigned room," the staff member said in a caring tone. She had already gotten used to seeing fate changers experiencing headaches after concluding a mission.

"Thank you. May I know where I can get my emotions separated?"

"I'll take you there."

Jun Zishu nodded. Taking a look at the blue five-pointed star the staff member wore on her shirt, Jun Zishu found the number "79" written on it, and she couldn't help but wonder if that was the staff member's employee number or name.

"You must be an intern, right? I've never seen you before."

Seventy-nine struck up a conversation as she led the way.

"Mhm. That was my first mission."

"Best of luck in becoming an official employee."

"Thank you."

Jun Zishu followed Seventy-nine through a corridor. The corridor was made entirely out of glass, and walking through it made her feel like she was walking in the air. Looking around, she found a layer of clouds beneath her and buildings of unbelievable heights surrounding her.

"What kind of place is this?" Jun Zishu asked. She had been rushed to her first mission before she even got to take a proper look around. So, she was still clueless regarding the world where the Department of Transmigration resided in.

"Which dimension did you come from?"


"Which period?"

"The 21st century."

"In that case, the living style here is roughly similar to what you know. Everyone here works for the Department. Once your internship ends, you can earn Energy Points for every mission you complete, and you can use these points to buy things you want. Consider EPs as the currency here."

"Is that so? I think I get it."

Jun Zishu nodded in understanding. In other words, she was currently an intern with nothing to her name, and only after becoming an official employee would she start earning a salary. Then, once she got her salary, she could use it to buy clothes, houses, and other things.

"We've reached the Emotion Separation Division. You just need to go inside."

After walking for some time, Seventy-nine stopped in front of a room, and hanging above the room's entrance was a sign with the words "Emotion Separation Division."

"Thank you."

"You're welcome. I'm Seventy-nine. I can pick you up the next time you wish to do a mission."


Afterward, Jun Zishu entered the Emotion Separation Division's room and sat on a chair. Then, she followed the instructions displayed in the room, grabbed one of the magnetic disks prepared beside her seat, and put it on her head.

The process was swift, lasting only half a minute.

When Jun Zishu left the room, she could sense her attachment to that world dulling. Yet, when she tried to recall Ning Qinghuan's smiling face, her heart twisted in pain.

However, the pain did not linger for long, vanishing before she knew it.

When Jun Zishu arrived at the employee dormitory the Department had assigned her to, she sat on the bed and looked around.

The room was simple, having only a table, a chair, and a bed for one.

The room was not cramped, but it wasn't spacious either.

Jun Zishu pushed on the button on the wall by the bed and found the wall separating. To her surprise, the wall was also a window, and it granted her a view of the outside world.

When Jun Zishu tried reaching for the scenery outside, she found a layer of glass hindering her.

Then, Jun Zishu twisted the button as indicated by the labels and found the sky outside transforming from day to night. It was a truly unique experience.

After Jun Zishu sat on the bed for a while, a holographic screen with lines of text suddenly popped up in front of her.

"Evaluation for the mission this time is S-rank… Attached is the introductory map?" Jun Zishu mumbled as she read the message on the screen.

A minute later, the message disappeared, and taking its place was an introductory map.

The map showed the layout of the area she stayed in. Primarily, it showed where she could find food to eat. However, without any EPs to spend, she could only go for the nutrition fluid that sold for the friendly price of zero. The nutrition fluid was the product of an interstellar plane, and it could only be used to sate hunger. Unfortunately, much was left to be desired when it came to taste.

After getting a general understanding of her residential area, she tapped on the screen and made it disappear. Then, she made her way to the canteen to grab herself a bottle of nutrition fluid, drank it, and returned to her dorm to rest.

Inside the Central Control Center, a slight energy fluctuation caught the attention of the operators on duty. These operators immediately grew ecstatic and sent news of this situation to the various division chiefs. Several minutes later, every division chief in the Department arrived at the control center in a hurry.

"Are you sure you found Lord's traces?"

"There's no mistaking it. Nobody is more familiar with Lord's energy than us."

"Did you track which world the energy fluctuations came from?"

"We're still looking."

Numerous lines of codes ran through the large display in the center of the room as the central operators worked to track the energy fluctuations' source.

"This is wonderful news!"

Everyone in the room cheered. They were happy to get the opportunity to track down their master's energy.

The world they currently resided in was called the Ninth Space, and its creator was Lord. Lord's energy sustained the entire world, and Lord was also responsible for creating the various divisions found in the Department of Transmigration. The deceased of other worlds could come to this world and gain a new life should they pass the various tests set up. Then, these people would continuously complete missions to absorb energy from other worlds to strengthen Lord and sustain the Ninth Space.

The division chiefs of the various divisions and the central operators were the first group of people who arrived at the Ninth Space and acquired eternal life in exchange for eternal servitude. However, none of them had ever seen Lord's true appearance, so they didn't know what kind of existence Lord was or what Lord looked like. They could only perceive Lord's commands and Lord's power.

Later on, as more and more people arrived at the Ninth Space, the several division chiefs methodically organized the world and gradually perfected it until it became what it was today.

However, recently, the division chiefs and the central operators suddenly noticed that Lord had disappeared. Although Lord's power kept the Ninth Space running, they couldn't find Lord no matter where they searched.

This was terrible news for them. After all, ever since Lord disappeared, they had started sensing signs of the Ninth Space destabilizing and that the world could crumble at any time. Thus, they immediately started searching for Lord's traces.

Then, after searching for several decades, they finally found a weak trace of Lord's power.

"I found it! The fluctuations came from a small world belonging to the Fate Changing Division!" an operator excitedly stated as he swiftly manipulated the screen before him.

Liang Yi, the Fate Changing Department's department chief, immediately became the center of everyone's attention. Liang Yi herself was also surprised by this news.

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"The person assigned to this world is a girl named Jun Zishu, and her employee ID is 4973," the operator stated after bringing up Jun Zishu's information.

"She is an intern who had just joined the Department, and she has achieved excellent results in her recruitment tests," Liang Yi followed up. "After passing the recruitment tests, she immediately began her first mission. She just completed that mission today, and she received an S-rank evaluation for it."

"Could she be related to Lord in some way?"

Everyone guessed.

"I'll contact System No. 28. She's responsible for the girl."

Liang Yi pressed down on her wrist, summoning a screen that showed Little Fairy in it.

"How can I help you, Division Chief?"

Little Fairy held up her skirt and curtsied, her miniature body giving her an exceptionally cute appearance.

"Forward your host's mission process to me."

"Alright, please wait a moment."

Little Fairy forwarded a string of codes to Liang Yi, who then forwarded these codes to the operator responsible for locating Lord's traces. However, when the operator uploaded the codes to his virtual computer, his computer failed to read the codes.

"How is this possible?"

Another operator tried uploading the data and met with the same result.

"Are you sure you sent in the correct information, No. 28?"

"Yes, I'm sure, Division Chief."

The other operators in the room refused to believe this result and started doing tests of their own. However, every one of them was met with failure.

"How is this possible?"

"Maybe it's because of Lord's involvement. If Lord doesn't wish to meet us, Lord can prevent us from reading the mission process," someone stated.

"Brief us on the mission process, No. 28."


Subsequently, Little Fairy started introducing the mission's background story and talking about the general process in which Jun Zishu completed her mission.

"The mission target fell in love with your host and confessed to her?"

Liang Yi had her attention attracted to this point.


"While I can't say for certain if we have a chance to bring Lord back, but I say that we should still experiment with the possibility," Liang Yi said to her colleagues.

In response, the other division chiefs exchanged looks with each other for a moment before nodding in agreement.

"If we detect traces of Lord's energy fluctuations in Jun Zishu's next mission as well, we can be sure that she is related to Lord. At that time, I will grant her access to my division and officially employ her in advance. The rest of you should be able to grant her access to your divisions as well, right?"

As soon as Liang Yi finished speaking, the other division chiefs promptly nodded.

"Of course. My Counterattack Division will gladly welcome her."

The division chiefs for the Mary Sue & Tom Sue Banishment Division, Supporting Female Division, Couple Dismantling Division, etc., raised their hands in approval as well.

"Fully cooperate with Jun Zishu's work, No. 28. Remember to contact me if she makes a request that exceeds your authority. Also, make sure to keep this a secret."

"Yes, Division Chief!"

Liang Yi had thought of meeting with Jun Zishu face-to-face. However, as the current situation remained unclear, she decided that it was best to hold back her thoughts.

Originally, Liang Yi thought Jun Zishu would need to rest for a few days before she would be ready to take on her next mission. However, she later found that Jun Zishu had already entered a nutrition pod after resting in her room for less than half a day.

"I hope you can do it," Liang Yi prayed.

Jun Zishu wasn't aware of just how much expectations had been put onto her shoulders as she laid into the nutrition pod and entered the transit space.

"We meet again, Host! You got an S-rank evaluation for your last mission! You're so awesome!" Little Fairy exclaimed after reuniting with Jun Zishu.

"Let's start."

Jun Zishu patted Little Fairy's tiny head and smiled.

"Okay! I'm transferring you now!"


When Jun Zishu opened her eyes again, she found that the world around her had turned a little blurry.

"What's going on, Little Fairy?"

[Um... This body is short-sighted. There is a pair of glasses beside your left hand.]

After fumbling for a moment, Jun Zishu found the aforementioned glasses and put them on. Then, when she opened her eyes again, her vision had regained its clarity.

[Take a look at the mission details, Host.]


Jun Zishu closed her eyes and started reading the new memories that had appeared in her mind.

The mission target this time was called Qin Youran, the young lady of a wealthy family.

In the original timeline, Qin Youran dated the male lead for six years, and the two got engaged after Qin Youran graduated from university. However, unbeknownst to her, the male lead had long since intended to cheat. While dating Qin Youran, he maintained an ambiguous relationship with the female lead, his true sweetheart.

On the day of their marriage, the female lead got into an accident. Upon learning of the news, the male lead abandoned the wedding to see his sweetheart. This, in turn, made Qin Youran into a laughing stock among the upper class of society.

When Qin Youran looked into the matter and found out the truth, she tried to drive the female lead away from the scumbag. However, thinking that Qin Youran was trying to harm his sweetheart, the scumbag caused Qin Youran's family to go bankrupt and Qin Youran to lose everything.

Qin Youran died in a tragic car accident when she tried to look for the male lead. At the time, she was only 24 years old.

Jun Zishu frowned when she read the mission's introduction, finding it to be tragic.