Chapter 429: Repaying Kindness With Evil, How Does One Repay Kindness?
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Martial Cultivator Chapter 429: Repaying Kindness With Evil, How Does One Repay Kindness?

Seeing that Chen Chao made no move after speaking, South Mountain Maitreya let out a sigh, "It seems that I can only trouble Fellow Daoist Xu."

Xu Bai said in a deep voice, "South Mountain Maitreya, aren't you afraid that this Xu will pursue you relentlessly for the rest of my life?"

These words were more than just a threat.

South Mountain Maitreya smiled, "Of course I'm afraid. So in the future, this destitute monk will have to keep my distance from Friend Xu."

Xu Bai's face turned unbelievably black.

But at that moment, a voice suddenly sounded in his mind, "Fellow Daoist, don't you see? If you and I fight, even if you win, you'll inevitably be injured. At that time, he'll kill you and your wife. What future will there be then?"

Xu Bai was taken aback, then similarly asked by transmitting his voice, "In Fellow Daoist's opinion, what should I do? This Xu really doesn't want to be enemies with Fellow Daoist."

Chen Chao was the first to speak. Despite his youth, he understood more about such matters than the straightforward Xu Bai, so he had a plan to deal with it. Chen Chao whispered, "We'll pretend to fight. I'll find an opportunity to kill him. If it's not you who attacks, he naturally won't harm your esteemed wife."

Even so, Xu Bai was still worried, "Will my wife be in danger? This bald donkey has always been vicious. He might do a mutual destruction."

Chen Chao sighed helplessly, "Fellow Daoist, before I die, he won't lay a finger on your esteemed wife. If he does, won't the situation turn into both of us ganging up on him?"

Chen Chao was really at a loss for words when it came to Xu Bai.

Xu Bai came to a sudden realization, "In that case, we will act according to Fellow Daoist's plan. But I hope that Fellow Daoist will be careful not to harm my wife. Otherwise, this Xu will definitely pursue Fellow Daoist relentlessly as well."

Chen Chao felt even more helpless now. Who the hell would threaten their ally at a time like this?

In truth, Chen Chao was not too worried about the current situation. If

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