Chapter 368: If You Like Someone, Be Together
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Martial Cultivator Chapter 368: If You Like Someone, Be Together

Saving money was not an easy task, but for Chen Chao, the most challenging part was not the act of saving money itself. It was the uncertainty of whether Sword Qi Mountain would agree to help him reforge his saber once he had accumulated a large sum of money. After all, that mountain had been devoted to forging flying swords for generations. Asking them to forge a saber now might be met with rejection for various reasons.

In fact, Chen Chao's action might even be seen as a provocation.

However, Chen Chao really could not think of any other place in the world besides Sword Qi Mountain that could help him reforge this broken saber.

With so many doubts in his mind, Chen Chao followed Song Lian to the courtyard near where the woman was staying. Song Lian suddenly stopped and began to hesitate: "You go in first and take a look, see how she thinks now. I'll go in later?"

Chen Chao frowned and said, "Didn't she say she'd wait for Your Excellency when you left? Why is Your Excellency acting so fearful now?"

Song Lian shook his head and said softly, "I believe she's willing to wait for me, but if... if she really fell for someone else, I have nothing to say either. I won't disturb her."

Chen Chao sighed. He could understand Song Lian's feelings, so he did not say anything. Instead, he walked alone towards the small, low courtyard.

The courtyard door was open, so Chen Chao pushed it and entered. As he stepped into the courtyard, he did not see any laundry hanging around. Before Song Lian left, he had asked Chen Chao not to let the woman wash clothes for others anymore. Otherwise, with the arrival of winter, her days would become even harder. Chen Chao had taken this matter to heart and resolved this problem.

Now, entering the courtyard, Chen Chao called out, and immediately, there was a sound from inside the house. The woman peeked out and, upon seeing Chen Chao after a long time, she was especially happy. She quickly pulled Chen Chao into the house and brought out a small stove. After lighting it, the two sat around

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Translator Notes

[1.] There is a bit of language barrier here. In english, the word is just "marry." But in chinese, there are two words for marry, 娶 and 嫁, one is used by the man, the other by the woman. So she is sort of asking him to propose(?), she's not the one proposing. That's why I'm using "can you marry me" instead of "will you marry me."