Chapter 295: In Front of the Left Guard's Office on a Snowy Night.
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Martial Cultivator Chapter 295: In Front of the Left Guard's Office on a Snowy Night.

The heavy snowfall was silent.

The horse carriage slowly passed through the snowy landscape, driven by a coachman from the Xie Family, who was very silent. No emotions could be seen on that ordinary face.

Inside the carriage, Xie Nandu held the still-steaming sweet potato in her hands, gently peeling the skin. Her small mouth kept blowing on the sweet potato, appearing rather adorable. At this moment, how did Xie Nandu still look like a genius girl? She resembled more of a girl next door – cute and lovable, bringing joy to anyone who glanced at her.

Chen Chao felt that the exhaustion from the thousands of miles of travel had dissipated completely now.

Taking a bite of the sweet potato and feeling its warm sweetness, Xie Nandu asked, "The Divine Capital is so chaotic now, why did you come back?"

Having learned about the current situation in the Divine Capital from the Xie Family, Xie Nandu naturally did not believe that Chen Chao would still be clueless at this point.

Chen Chao looked at Xie Nandu and smiled, "Missed you, came back to see you, can't I"

Xie Nandu raised an eyebrow and did not say anything.

Chen Chao glanced at this young girl. Upon closer inspection, it was evident that after returning to the Divine Capital, although not too long, had caused her to grow quite a bit. If she was once just a so-called budding beauty, now the word "budding" could gradually be removed, leaving only "beauty."

Chen Chao inexplicably compared Xie Nandu with that girl in the coffin, but soon shook his head.

Returning to his senses, Chen Chao said seriously, "It's not that I wanted to come back; it's just that at this crucial moment, I have no choice but to come back."

After a brief contemplation, Xie Nandu understood something and said, "Indeed, as the Commander of the Left Guard in the Divine Capital, you have no choice but to return."

Chen Chao rested his hands behind his head, leaning against the carriage. He narrowed his eyes and said softly, "When I left the Divine Capital before, there were already some trou

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