Chapter 248: The White Mist of the Past, the Imperial City in the Sea of Fire
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Martial Cultivator Chapter 248: The White Mist of the Past, the Imperial City in the Sea of Fire

He closed his eyes, but instead of darkness, a towering blaze shot to the sky. A grand city with red walls and green tiles suddenly appeared before his eyes, magnificent and resplendent. It was the most esteemed place in the mortal realm, situated in the largest and mightiest city under the heavens, the imperial city of the Great Liang Dynasty.

However, at this moment, the imperial city was ablaze, flames soaring into the sky, thick smoke billowing.

The entire imperial city was on fire. If not controlled soon, it would undoubtedly turn the entire imperial city into a sea of flames.

Countless palace attendants rushed about, shouting things like "fetch water" and the like.

The esteemed great hall was already engulfed in flames. The young emperor sat before the great hall, looking at the attendants scurrying around, their faces filled with panic. It was unclear what he was thinking as he sat motionless. Despite the flames raging behind him, he remained unmoved.

The young emperor was not considered handsome, but he possessed an air of regality between his brows. It was the spirit of the royal family, an innate nobility. However, upon closer inspection, one could discern some similarities between this young emperor and Chen Chao.

Suddenly, an elderly eunuch approached him, his aged voice tinged with urgency and concern. "Your Majesty, the rebel army has arrived outside the city and is about to enter the city! Take advantage of the chaos in the palace now and leave, Your Majesty!"

The elderly eunuch knelt before the young emperor, his face filled with worry. "This old slave owes a great debt to the deceased Crown Prince. I'm willing to escort Your Majesty out of the palace."

Upon hearing the words 'deceased Crown Prince,' the young emperor furrowed his brows slightly. Then, he shook his head.

The elderly eunuch wore a troubled expression and was about to speak again when the young emperor asked, "Who do you think started this massive fire?"

The elderly eunuch was stunned. He had already suspected that the cause

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