Chapter 244: Still Somewhat Different
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Martial Cultivator Chapter 244: Still Somewhat Different

Just as something major was happening in the cemetery, a middle-aged daoist silently entered the white mist.

He was the Chief Enforcer of the Infatuation Daoist Temple, the number two figure in the Infatuation Daoist Temple, a true great sage of Daoism. There were very few cultivators with seniority higher than his, and even fewer with a higher cultivation realm. He was a true big shot of this world world. But even he furrowed his brows when he entered the white mist.

The white mist was very strange.

Ordinary cultivators who entered it would lose all their cultivation, becoming ordinary mortals. When the Sublime Bright Sect discovered this ancient ruin, they sent many people in to investigate. Among those people included the previous Sublime Bright Sect Master. But even he would lose all his cultivation when he entered.

When the middle-aged daoist entered, he immediately could not detect all the qi within his body. He had cultivated for many years, possessing a profound cultivation realm, and was well-versed in various daoist techniques. However, it seemed that there was no way to prevent this from happening.

But he was not an ordinary cultivator.

He quickly took out an oiled-paper umbrella and opened it. As he did so, the surrounding white mist seemed to be suppressed by something, scattering in all directions, which was quite strange.

When he held up this oiled-paper umbrella, the middle-aged daoist felt much better.

He walked into the white mist with an ordinary expression, as if he were just taking a leisurely stroll.

But in reality, if someone were to see the oiled-paper umbrella in his hand, they might experience a myriad of complex emotions.

As the leader of Daoism, the Infatuation Daoist Temple had a deep foundation. There were naturally countless world-shaking magic artifacts in the temple. The oiled-paper umbrella in the hands of this daoist was one of them.

The white mist that troubled countless cultivators seemed to temporarily yield before this oiled-paper umbrella.

"This might be an ancien

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