Chapter 232: Entering
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Martial Cultivator Chapter 232: Entering

That white mist lay before everyone just like that, looking very ordinary and indistinguishable from ordinary mist.

However, the young cultivators who came here had learned a great deal of information and were aware of many inside news. They knew that this white mist was not the entrance to the ancient ruin but rather, a fog brought back by the Sublime Bright Sect from within the ancient ruin using a secret technique. They had set this place up like this, then captured those youths, making them go in and out of this place, grooming their tolerance for the white mist.

Chen Chao arrived very late, but he was familiar with this path. When he saw the white mist, it became even more familiar.

"To prevent any anomalies, before entering the ancient ruin, you must stay within this white mist for half a day. If there are no issues during this time, you will qualify to enter the ancient ruin. Within this half-day period, if anyone can't endure it, they can leave at any time. However, leaving will be viewed as giving up your qualification."

A voice sounded out from not far away, landing in everyone's ears. Everyone could hear it very clearly.

A figure appeared in the distance, just in front of the white mist, standing quietly and observing everyone.

People quickly recognized this person's identity. They knew that he was a well-known itinerant cultivator called Distant Wanderer. Distant Wanderer had reached an extremely high cultivation realm, with half a foot already in the legendary Nepenthe Realm. He held high prestige among the foreign cultivators too.

This person's whereabouts were erratic and hard to track. He was known for his capricious nature and rarely involved himself in the disputes of any factions. Many sects had tried to recruit him, but their efforts had all been in vain.

Now that he appeared here and was overseeing this exploration of the ancient ruin, no one knew what price the sects who invited him had to pay for him to come.

With this Distant Wanderer presiding over this, the young cultivators parti

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