Chapter 35: The Hunter and the Prey
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Loser System and Berserker Me Chapter 35: The Hunter and the Prey

【My host, you’re very close to the First Imperial Consort!】

System 12345 squealed in excitement.

【This terrain… It’s a mountain forest, isn’t it? It seems to be the imperial family’s hunting field. Ah, she must be in the hunting mood.】

【My host, I think this is an opportunity for you.】

It excitedly formulated a plan for Shu Yichao.

【The imperial family usually invites nobles to participate in such hunts. This is a good opportunity for the youths to flaunt their skills. Putting all things aside, I can’t imagine anyone being a match for you in terms of looks.】

【It’s fine even if you’re bad at archery. I bet that everyone will fawn over you even if you just shoot down a little rabbit.】

【Go, my host!】

System 12345 cheered.

【It’s time for you to showcase your charisma! Participate in the hunt and make others look at you in a different light! 】

【Better still, if you can find some alone time with the First Imperial Consort, you can gently tell her that you aren’t good at archery and ask her to teach you. She would wrap her arms around you and gently guide you step by step. You can lean against her and relish in her warmth…】

【GAHHH! I’m getting a nosebleed thinking about it!!!】

System 12345 began laughing maniacally to itself.

【My host, I’ll give you a good-looking bow to help you better stand out in the hunt.】

【However, you must tread carefully. The First Imperial Consort is in the habit of digging out people’s eyes… I don’t even know how many people she blinds in a year. You mustn’t fall for her tricks!】

“Ey?” Shu Yichao realized that he had obtained something. “Jeweled Bow? It increases the speed of my arrows by 15%? This is good stuff!”

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

Thrilled to receive a new bow, Shu Yichao fired three consecutive arrows at the leader of the Albanian army and his two aides, who had been trying to gather the soldiers together to muster a resistance. All three of their heads popped.

It was his trademark eye sniping.

The deaths of the highest commanders caused the Albanian army to spiral further into chaos, and m

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