Chapter 980 - Sweeping up the Locusts
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 980 - Sweeping up the Locusts

When the voice reached the city, Qiu Haitang blanked out, while Liu Changqing beamed with joy. “Qingshan is back!”

“Alright, alright, alright! I haven’t even gotten to you yet, yet you’ve actually delivered yourself to me! You better watch how I kill your friends first!”

The Soaring Locust King sneered, and the locust Daemon Generals all took action together. Their spear-like front legs thrusted towards Yu Shukuang, Liu Hong, and Huang Binghu wildly, but before their laughter had even died down, they saw a string of afterimages in their compound eyes.

Li Qingshan seemed to have appeared before each locust Daemon General at the same time, throwing his fists, swinging his blade, launching elbow strikes… Immediately, the locust Daemon Generals were all torn apart, splattering with fluid.

Before the locust Daemon Commander could even return to his senses, Li Qingshan had already arrived before him, basically right in his face. He asked, “Just with you?”

“How is that possible!?”

The locust Daemon Commander paled in fright. The speed that Li Qingshan had instantly erupted with could actually leave afterimages in his eyes. That was not something a Golden Core cultivator or Demon Commander was supposed to be capable of.

Hua Chenglu had eased up significantly when she saw him, and now, she completely stopped worrying. Gazing at his tall, large back, it overlapped with the images in her memories. In the past, it had been the West Gate Granny. Now, it was the Soaring Locust King. Her enemies had ranged from puny Qi Practitioners to powerful Daemon Kings, but he continued to stand by her side as if he could shield her from everything.

With a flash, the locust Daemon Commander retreated in a hurry, vanishing into the sea of insects. He wanted to use the insects to smother Li Qingshan.

“You say you’re a mighty Daemon King, so why are you so small-minded? I just cursed you a little, and you start spouting things like ‘all of Li Qingshan’s friends must die.’ Aren’t you just being an idiot?”

Li Qingshan strolled over leisurely, approaching t

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