Chapter 98 - The Sword Immortal’s Arrival
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 98 - The Sword Immortal’s Arrival

“Great king, it’s a cat!” The rats were all shocked. All of them immediately wanted to burrow into the ground and flee for their lives frantically.

The Cat-eating Rat, the rat king, had finally found the cat he had been looking for. He considered things carefully. If a regular cat could eat regular mice, then a Daemon General cat could obviously eat a Daemon General mice. Afterwards, his legs began to tremble, and he said with a sense of composure, “T- turn around!”

“Wise be the king!” The rats said, immediately burrowing away.

As a result, the great group of rats that had arrived mightily immediately fled upon seeing the cat, Xuanyue.

Xuanyue chuckled with a series of meowhahahas again.

Li Qingshan was stunned. “What cowardly rats.” The terrifying suction from the quicksand immediately vanished, and he leapt out of the pit of sand.

Xuanyue’s expression changed. “Our tracks have been exposed. Let’s go!”

Suddenly, Li Qingshan looked back. At the extremely distant horizon in the south, a streak of light shot over. Just from looking at it from afar, the sharp aura seemed to stab at his eyes. How could he afford to stay put? He charged towards the Ice Sword cliff.

The landscape around him rapidly receded. Li Qingshan felt like he was as fast as the wind, but whenever he looked back, the streak of light would grow closer. A while later, it had already closed the distance to fifty kilometers.

Li Qingshan said to Xuanyue, “This can’t continue. You should go first!”

Xuanyue said, “What are you saying? We’re almost there.”

Li Qingshan said, “If this continues, he’ll catch up to us. You should go to the Dragon province by yourself!”

Xuanyue glanced at Li Qingshan and nodded heavily. “Then be careful, Big Blacko. Don’t be killed by that person!” In the next moment, she vanished. Who knows where she had moved to.

Li Qingshan immediately withdrew his aura and changed directions, rushing towards the east.

He was not planning on sacrificing himself for the Xuanyue’s sake. The sword immortal was so powerful that he had no chance a

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