Chapter 942 - Purging Demons (Twenty)
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 942 - Purging Demons (Twenty)

Gong Yuan wanted to rebuke him, only to see that his expression had changed. He raised his head slightly and looked up, sighing with a smile. “I still have a very long path ahead of me. I can’t die here right now!”

His gaze seemed to traverse the endless darkness and reach an extremely distant place, like a frog gazing at the stars, like a child chasing after a dream. He was so insignificant, yet also so persistent.

At that moment, Gong Yuan experienced a false impression. She was clearly in his arms, yet she felt like the shattered space separated them. Suddenly, she discovered that he was a little pitifully lonely, and the light he gave off was so brilliant that it blinded anyone who stared at him. 

Through their mental connection, she could feel his complicated feeling of a much deeper sense of desire replacing lust, which made her sigh. Under his almost-lay appearance, he was still a cultivator after all!

At this moment, the shattered space in the surroundings was automatically repairing itself, like how a shattered lake surface would settle down sooner or later. His current strength was nowhere near enough to bulldoze the lake surface for good.

“When a slight crack appears, power the Heart of the Abyss with everything you have and provide me with the power of Ruin’s End. However, those guys outside will definitely use this opportunity to strike. You need to protect me for a moment.”

“Alright,” said Gong Yuan.

“I can’t be your partner of cultivation, but if we can get through this…” Li Qingshan suddenly laughed in a self-deprecating manner. “Forget it. Didn’t I say I would stop with that? Let’s butcher those bastards outside together!”

As the shattered space repaired itself, the Demon Kings were all ready to strike. Li Qingshan slowly swung his fist and punched the surroundings a few more times. Every single punch was extremely sluggish and heavy as if each bore the weight of ten thousand tonnes. The power of tremors was condensed in the punches as he tried his best to maintain as much control as possible.

The space sha

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