Chapter 94 - Innate Ability
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 94 - Innate Ability

In a situation like that, Li Qingshan was reluctant to make trouble, but all of the daemonic beasts that were bold enough to attack Li Qingshan all possessed startling strength. Xuanyue became more and more cautious as well, no longer helping out so easily. She carefully concealed her daemon qi. Li Qingshan would often have to go through a difficult battle before he could head off again.

After the rounds and rounds of slaughter, he grew more accustomed to battle as well. Against these terrifying daemonic beasts, there were not a lot of moves or tricks. Most of it involved using strength against strength, forcefully beating them up.

However, they came across many daemonic beasts that were difficult to handle as well. It was all thanks to Xiao An’s Blood Flames of Corpse Incineration that performed outstandingly time and time again, burning many daemonic beasts to death. He was even fiercer than Li Qingshan. In the beginning, it was not obvious, but as time went on, the strength of the flames became clear.

Moreover, after burning several daemonic beasts to death, the Blood Flames of Corpse Incineration became more and more vicious as well. Wherever it passed by, it was unstoppable, overcoming the strong despite being weaker time and time again. It also made Xuanyue look at him in surprise again and again. She wondered what ability or technique he practised that was actually effective against all creatures of blood and flesh.

However, Xiao An could not speak, so she was unable to get anything out of him. Li Qingshan only said that he knew it right from the beginning. However, Xiao An was unable to remould his body from all of this. It actually seemed like he required humans as sacrifices, so there was nothing they could do about it. They could only wait until Li Qingshan had recovered his human form.

However, they never came across Daemon Generals or daemonic beasts with daemon cores along the way. It was not because of Li Qingshan’s luck. Most of the time, Xuanyue would suddenly order him to stop or change directions

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