Chapter 91 - The Soaring Dragon Elder
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 91 - The Soaring Dragon Elder

Li Qingshan curled his lips. He had almost been fooled by her. What seeking freedom? She was clearly just indolent, seeking an even more extravagant life. When he wanted to ask about the Nine-tailed Fox Empress and the Ten Daemon Kings, she had already changed the topic, returning to how cute she was; this was the reason why the Nine-tailed Fox Empress had chosen her, inviting her to the Dragon province. Xuanyue forbade Li Qingshan from interrupting her.

She continued until she became sick of it. “It’s quite late now. Time to sleep!” She pulled out a huge cat’s basket that was filled with a thick layer of crane down. She curled up inside it comfortably.

Li Qingshan said, “It’s still daytime!”

Xuanyue waved her hand and extinguished the pearl. “Daytime is for sleeping. We’ll set off at night.”

Li Qingshan looked at her sleeping figure. Her long lashes layered upon one another, and her delicate nose was slightly raised from her face. Her lips were closed. Curled up, she seemed even smaller and more petite, lacking her usual rudeness and capriciousness. She seemed so delicate, rousing an urge to protect her.

He shook his head violently. Now was not the time to appreciate beauty. She was not someone who needed his protection, nor was she someone he could pursue. From a certain perspective, she could even be regarded as an enemy. How could he be captivated by her? He needed to raise his guard!

Li Qingshan let out a sigh of relief and made eye contact with Xiao An. He felt that everything he went through today was far too weird. He glanced at the girl in the cat’s basket before making his way over to a corner of the cave to meditate, continuing his cultivation of the Spirit Turtle’s Method of Sea Suppression. Xiao An also sat down beside him to meditate.

Xuanyue tossed and turned in the basket and said suddenly, “Big Blacko, sing me a song.”

“I don’t know how to!” Li Qingshan replied firmly.

“Then what’s the point of keeping you around!?” Xuanyue opened her eyes.

“Then let me go!”

“Forget it, I’ll teach you.”

Li Qingshan

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