Chapter 84 - Sheltering from the Snow and Wind in a Mountain God Temple (Three)
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 84 - Sheltering from the Snow and Wind in a Mountain God Temple (Three)

The first-rate masters were utterly furious. They had raised all of these disciples through great difficulty. Many of them were their descendants, so they charged over without anymore care.

Just as Li Qingshan was slaughtering to his heart’s content, Wan Hao swung his blade over again. Without even looking back, Li Qingshan grabbed a third-rate master in front of him and blocked his back.

Spurt! Wan Hao did not even bat an eye, cleaving the person in front of him in half and continuing his swing at Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan took advantage of the delayed attack and used the Tiger Demon Leaps over the Ravine to lunge towards another second-rate master. However, he did not avoid the attack unscathed, having received a faint mark on his back. He thought, This old man is so vicious.

“One-armed Blade, why do you kill my people?!” However, Lü Tingrui refused to accept it. Ignoring Li Qingshan, she stabbed at Wan Hao. He had killed a beloved disciple of hers. He was extremely handsome, and she had always liked him.

Wan Hao blocked the thin sword. “He was caught. It’s not like he’d survive. I only gave him a quick death. You sure are noisy, woman.”

“You’re turning against each other at a time like this. Do you all want to die here?” Feng Zhang roared out. His blade shone brightly as he forced back Xiao An. “What kind of monster are you?” His right arm trembled. Not only was Xiao An’s sword style masterful, but his strokes were heavy as well, making them extremely difficult to deal with.

“Xiao An, kill him!” Li Qingshan said. He did not slow down at all, reaching towards the chest of a second-rate master with a whistling claw. His hands were soaked in blood, so a horrifying aura sprang forth. It frightened the second rate-master, mentally reducing him to just half of the strength he possessed.

A few abacus beads shot over. Chu Xin struck out once more, but he no longer targeted Li Qingshan’s acupoints. Instead, he went for his eyes and crotch, vital parts of the body.

Hall chief Wu landed another punch on Li Qingshan’s back. His punch earlier failed to do anything, so his reaction was the same as Liu Hong’s. He was filled with disbelief, so he came up to try again immediately.

Li Qingshan suddenly halted, making the abacus beads miss. He forcefully turned around like a vicious tiger looking back. He threw a punch. “Have you had enough?!”

The fists collided. Hall chief Wu’s arm produced a gentle crack, and he flew over three meters away. Before he could even get back on his feet, a streak of light descended from above, dazzling his eyes.

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