Chapter 79 - Gu Yanying
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 79 - Gu Yanying

Li Qingshan said, “I’m Li Qingshan. May I ask for your name, big sis?” Originally, he wanted to call her young miss, but while she was noble, she was unlike the young misses of large clans who had secluded childhoods. As a result, he wanted to call her lady, but while she was young, it did not match her, or he should say that they were unworthy of her.

Perhaps fairy was the best choice. Although he felt nothing towards this word before, he just felt like he was lowering himself somehow if he called her that. In the end, he could only unawkwardly refer to her as ‘big sis’, just like Xu Xian who met the White Maiden on the West Lake.

TL: A reference to Legend of the White Snake, one of the four great Chinese folktales, which the author’s previous book was based off as well.

Hua Chengzan really did find Li Qingshan to be rather admirable. For him back then, he could not even string out a proper sentence after seeing her. This kid from the mountains really did have quite the courage.

“I’m Gu Yanying. Do you know why I’ve called you here, little bro Qingshan?” Gu Yangying gently swung the delicate, jade folding fan in her hands. She smiled in a rather joking manner, but her gaze was distant.

Little bro Qingshan!? Li Qingshan would much rather be called the Descended Tiger by the people of the jianghu for the rest of his life than that. However, after thinking about it, he was only fifteen or sixteen years old. In her eyes, perhaps he really was like a little brother.

The sorrow in the depths of Hua Chengzan’s eyes grew heavier.

Wang Pushi frowned deeply. Li Qingshan was in no way worthy of being called little bro by her, but he knew she was unrestrained and willing to go along with many things, so he could not say anything. Upon further thought, if she were not like that, he would have no right to sit at the same table as her.

Li Qingshan thought about what he possessed that other people knew about and that he was able to part with. There was only the spiritual ginseng. “Have you come for the spiritual ginseng as well?”

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