Chapter 55 - Who Said I Have Nothing to Wear?
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 55 - Who Said I Have Nothing to Wear?

Li Qingshan patted the three quivers on his waist and carried the Soaring Dragon sword and Stone Splitter bow on his back. Meanwhile, he had the frighteningly heavy and extraordinarily large Tyrant’s spear on his shoulder. He vanished into the snowy, windy darkness, leaving behind a long trail of deep footprints in the snow.

In the district government’s office, the advisor said to Ye Dachuan, “Sir, Li Qingshan is not listening to you. There’s nothing we can do!”

As it turned out, Ye Dachuan saw how none of the aristocrats were willing to help him anymore under the threat of the Black Wind stronghold and was certain one against two hundred would result in defeat, so he tried to convince Li Qingshan to remain behind and come up with a long-term plan instead. However, Li Qingshan would never listen to him. He forcefully demanded for the paperwork and left.

Ya Dachuan constantly paced around in the room before suddenly stopping. He stamped his foot. “Go gather men and horses for me!”

The advisor said with difficulty, “Do we have any men and horses?”

Ye Dachuan said frantically, “Those aristocrats were actually daring enough to attempt to get their descendants to kill me right in my face. The Dragon’s Gate sect is a great nest of bandits as well. Tell them that any clan that doesn’t send any people is a traitor to the city.” He had thought it through. If Li Qingshan died, then there was no point in him remaining as the district magistrate. It was even possible that the Black Wind stronghold and Dragon’s Gate sect would vent their anger on him.

The advisor said, “Please reconsider, sir!” If he did that, he would be offending all of the aristocrats of Qingyang.

Ye Chuan kicked him in the bottom with the sole of his foot. “Why aren’t you going!”

The advisor could only oblige. As soon as he made his way out of the hall, over a dozen pitch-black figures blocked his way. Who knows when they had entered the government office. The advisor was startled. He looked over using the weak lantern light from inside the hall and saw all

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