Chapter 40 - Renowned throughout Qingyang
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 40 - Renowned throughout Qingyang

The black ox said, “Do you want to continue? Don’t blame me for not warning you. You really might become a demon or daemon.”

“As long as I have a clear conscience and do whatever I want, I will have no objections or regrets even if I become a daemon or demon,” Li Qingshan said with his head held high. The black ox’s words had instead consolidated his willpower, plucking him out of confusion.

The black ox could not help but reevaluate him once again. Even cultivators with great willpower and determination would feel fear and repulsion when they heard that they had descended into demonic practises and would turn into daemons.

Originally, it was prepared to exhort him patiently, but Li Qingshan was largely unaffected, still persevering with his choice without any sign of wavering. It was truly rare. However, this was good too. If he were the type of person to be troubled by something like this, he was not worth worrying over.

In his former life, Li Qingshan lived in an age of information explosion. As a nerd, he mentally fed off various movies and novels day and night. He understood numerous ideologies and had witnessed the most terrifying and grandest of sights.

Barraged by all of this information, his ability to accept and understand was probably unmatched in this day and age. He would not be trapped by any traditional ideologies. This advantage and edge he possessed was slowly showing itself, playing a role that could not be replaced by any ability or treasure.

No matter how great Li Qingshan’s talent for cultivation was, it would be difficult to pique the black ox’s interest. However, his unique character was completely different. The black ox placed great importance on it. “Come with me!”

An ox and a man advanced through the bends of the pathless mountains.

The black ox did not say where they were going, and Li Qingshan did not ask either. After learning about the Black Wind stronghold’s strength from the third boss, he immediately knew that he was not the Black Wind stronghold’s opponent right now. He had to bec

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