Chapter 35 - The Startling News from the Black Wind Stronghold
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 35 - The Startling News from the Black Wind Stronghold

As it turned out, the people on the mountain path earlier today were from the Dragon’s Gate sect, and the haughty person was the young sect master. No wonder he was so arrogant.

Li Long was surprised. “You know the ‘Sickly Tiger’?” Afterwards, he obviously saw the bow on Li Qingshan’s back. As Huang Binghu rarely ventured out to Qingyang city, he was unable to confirm if this was the Stone Splitter bow.

Li Qingshan nodded and said nothing else.

Li Long said, “Then your martial arts are probably from…”

“No, and you don’t need to worry about it. If you want revenge, just come at me.”Li Qingshan did not want to use Huang Binghu’s tiger hide as a flag to scare away enemies. He did not want to assume the might of someone else as his own.

Li Long’s expression changed as he thought to himself, Li Qingshan’s martial arts already makes him a third-rate master, so what kind of person is his master supposed to be like? He has connections with Huang Binghu as well. I only had a small dispute with him, so even if I end up killing him, it’ll bring me no benefit. It is better to resolve this grievance peacefully instead of deepening it.

Li Long made up his mind, and his expression suddenly changed. He smiled slightly, even though the smile was slightly forced. “Erlang, we’re all from the same hometown, so are there any great grievances between us that have to be settled violently?”

Li Qingshan was surprised at this response. Originally, he thought the development of this matter would be angering the senior after beating up the junior, so the whole hornet’s nest would chase him to the end of his road. Subsequently, he would achieve something with his ability and slaughter them all.

He had never thought that although Li Long seemed rash, he was actually highly flexible and rather thick-skinned; he was actually able to change his attitude. Li Qingshan had basically witnessed the practical shrewdness of people of the jianghu.

Li Long smiled. “And I threw three punches in exchange for two from you. I’ve basically gotten the better end

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