Chapter 20 - Slight Renown
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 20 - Slight Renown

In all likelihood, this was not just the power of the true qi but the wondrous effects of the black ox’s tears as well.

He ducked and dodged a punch. With the Ox Demon’s Butts its Horns, he punched out with both hands and knocked over another young hunter.

However, at the same time, a hunter had already arrived behind him, punching at the centre of his back viciously. The two other young hunters grabbed Li Qingshan’s waist from left and right, pulling him down to the ground fiercely.

They spent their entire time hunting in the mountains, so they knew the technique of surrounding their opponent. They were not brawling ruffians. Even if Li Qingshan could defeat any single one of them individually, he immediately lost the upper hand now.

Seeing how it was too late to block, Li Qingshan completely focused on his back, and the sliver of true qi flowed there just as he wished. The muscles at the centre of his back wove together and tensed up vigorously, producing a slight bulge.

The heavy punch landed on Li Qingshan’s back, but the attacker felt like he had struck the tough hide of an ox instead. The force of the punch collapsed as the muscle eased up. Apart from shuddering all over, Li Qingshan was fine.

At the same time, the two hunters who had grabbed Li Qingshan’s waist felt like his body was rooted into the ground, unable to be moved at all. The three of them had used up their strength, and their might immediately declined.

Finally, Li Qingshan managed to catch his breath after taking on three heavy attacks. With a bellow, his two elbows dropped down.

The Ox Demon Butts its Horns from the Ox Demon’s Fist of Great Strength was about using his whole body as horns apart from his fists and legs. Elbow strikes were the horns with the greatest power.

The two hunters only felt their backs ache, wanting to choke up blood as they collapsed on the ground helplessly.

Li Qingshan suddenly turned around and lunged at the hunter who had attacked him from behind. He punched him in the chest and knocked him over.

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