Chapter 1676 - As If
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 1676 - As If

In the past, when Li Qingshan first joined the Myriad sect, both his status and cultivation came nowhere close to Li Liehuo, except he refused to accept his great offer—obediently give up on the Xuanming dwelling. He would rather take on a punch from him and almost die.

Back then, Li Liehuo only thought he was a madman and a reckless fool, someone who would probably end up dead sooner or later.

Today, the situation had been reversed.

In terms of status, not only was Li Qingshan the lord of the Demon domain, presiding over the tremendous territory with even the twelve Demon Gods bowing down to him, but he had also become an honoured guest of the heavenly emperor. He had the opportunity to take a step further and establish his own heavenly palace, becoming an emperor himself.

In terms of cultivation, Li Qingshan had already become a True Immortal, and he was born for the tribulation, which offered him great opportunities. Merging the Void with the Dao was not beyond reach.

Meanwhile, Li Liehuo was merely a divine general of the heavenly palace. Any random monster that Li Qingshan summoned from the Demon domain could finish off a Human Immortal like him.

A tremendous difference already existed between their status and cultivation. Faced with a Li Qingshan like that, even Li Liehuo could not help but develop a hint of reverence. He completely relied on his familiarity with him to restrain the growth of this emotion.

However, Li Qingshan did not seem to realise he had changed like that. What he said today was something he would have said in the past. What he did today was also something he would have done in the past.

Even when Li Qingshan was enlisted to Black Cloud city, he was still bold enough to openly mock their captain, Li Liehuo, within the headquarters of the Scorching Fire army, even almost making him resign.

The wretched parts of this kid have never changed!

Li Liehuo vaguely understood why the soldiers in the army revered him so much. Being able to fight alongside this person is indeed one of the g

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