Chapter 1665 - Monster
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 1665 - Monster

Chao Tianjiao merged with the blade and turned into a streak of silver light, circling over Li Qingshan’s head and making sharp turns in an extremely small range.

At that instant, Li Qingshan’s head became covered in snowy-white slashes. When it shattered apart and dispersed, it still had a face full of admiration.

Only when Li Qingshan’s head was completely destroyed did Chao Tianjiao let out a sigh of relief. Using the power of zhenwu to such an intensity placed her under quite a lot of pressure, but she understood exactly how troublesome Li Qingshan was, so she refused to leave him with any chances.

Now, we’ll have won this battle as long as Li Liehuo incinerates Li Qingshan’s body.

That was what she had in mind, but she noticed that there was something wrong with the situation.

Li Qingshan continued to stand in the pit, unscathed. His hands fumbled around his empty neck as if he was trying to stop the surging black blood, but also as if he just found it to be very intriguing.

Instead, Li Liehuo behind him had a face of shock as if he had encountered something unbelievable.

The power that erupted from the spear was enough to blow up a mountain and dry a lake, yet it had completely vanished now, like it had melted away.


By now, Li Qingshan had already grasped the new ability of being able to let out a strange laugh without a tongue, just through the neck.

Suddenly, he ripped through his flesh and tore open his chest. There was a demon cavern in there.

All of the power from the spear had been directed into the demon cavern. No matter how mighty that attack was, how could Li Liehuo shake the entirety of the Demon domain?

A furious howl that could not be described in words rang out from the depths of the demon cavern as if it was an answer to the attack.


An extremely tremendous and chaotic demon qi erupted from the demon cavern in Li Qingshan’s chest. It was even more forceful and violent than the aura from this clone of Li Qingshan, which made it seem like it was hiding a terrifying

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