Chapter 1613 - Sacrifice
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 1613 - Sacrifice


For a moment, Li Qingshan had no idea how to answer her. With that, had she exactly changed or not changed?

She was still kind-hearted, but she was no longer soft-hearted. If killing a person could save ten thousand, she would definitely do so, no matter how innocent that one person was. That was just a price that needed to be paid. Even if that person was herself, she would not hesitate at all. That was also just a “sacrifice” that had to be made.

By “sacrifice”, it originally referred to the livestock offered to the heavens, which were pure in colour and physique.

Throughout history, all accomplishments of greatness came with tremendous sacrifices. If they could not offer up a bountiful sacrifice, how were they supposed to be blessed by the heavens?

Yu Zijian looked at Li Qingshan with a clear gaze as if she was saying, I’m willing to make all of the sacrifices, so please, will the heavens!

A feeling of tenderness suddenly rose up in Li Qingshan’s heart. He extended his large hand to touch her delicate face gently. There was no sexual desire behind that, comforting her pain that no one could see. He understood exactly what lay behind this determination and resolve.

Yu Zijian was slightly surprised. She held his hand and shut her eyes, resting her cheek in his palm. She said softly, “How warm, like a ball of fire… Niu Juxia, you’ve really had it difficult!”

“I know. It’s been the case for me too.”

Yu Zijian’s lips curled slightly. “What a pair of fools.”

Li Qingshan smiled. “Not bastards?”

“Yes. I’m one too.”

Within the wind and snow, on the tall peak, two solitary individuals found warmth from one another.

Yu Zijian murmured, “I know this world is not a pure land. Not everyone I killed deserved to die either. However, as long as I swing my sword an extra time, it should turn out a little better! There are many pitiable people among demonic cultivators too. Even if you kill all of them, there’ll still be people who do evil, but at least it’ll be a bit better!”

“Pure land!” Li Qingshan sighed. “Would you like to hear my story? A story about a pure land and a demonic land.”

Yu Zijian nodded.

“Just recently, erm, a long, long time ago, I visited the pure land of Sukhāvatī…” Li Qingshan gazed at the grey sea. His voice was so calm that it seemed like he was narrating another person’s story, a legend that was created a very, very long time ago.

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