Chapter 1608 - Farming and War
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 1608 - Farming and War


Li Long was speechless. He wanted to cry. This old townsman of mine is far too petty. This isn’t the World of the Nine Provinces, so where am I supposed to find a demon cavern that leads to the Demon domain? Speaking of which, how am I, a farmer, supposed to fight against those vicious demonfolk? I’ll be skinned alive. Aren’t I just like a meat bun pelted at a dog, never to return again? Or more like a sable goading away a small chick, never to return again. It’s even like…

Just as he was lost in his emotions, he was interrupted by Li Qingshan. “Oh my. I couldn’t really tell normally, but your mind sure is active. You come up with proverbs one after another.”

Li Long could no longer care so much. He grabbed Li Qingshan’s sleeve. “Hero king, Qingshan, Erlang, I’ve never harmed you in any way, so you can’t do this to me! We might have fought before, but it’s not like I won! Do you still remember? Back then when you killed your way through the Black Wind stronghold alone, I knelt in front of my master for so long before finally getting reinforcements to assist you! I haven’t been all bad to you.”

Even though back then he was primarily afraid that Li Qingshan would perish in Black Wind stronghold and the Crouching Ox village would face furious revenge, he was not lying here. It was just that Black Wind stronghold had already been butchered by Li Qingshan when they finally got there in the end. Even to this day, he could still remember his figure as he sat before the burning mountain of corpses vividly.

Li Qingshan could not help but laugh aloud. That was exactly his proudest work, the battle that gave his rise to fame. It had been even more satisfying than when he killed Demon Sovereigns in battle later on.

“Kid, you sure know how to suck up to someone!”

Li Long rubbed his hands. His smile was as honest and simple as an old farmer’s. “How can you call that sucking up? I’m speaking from the bottom of my heart.”

Li Qingshan stopped smiling and became serious. “Don’t worry. I’m not telling you to go to the Demon domain to hurt you, but to help you.”

“What do you mean?” Li Long was surprised. He had always understood what kind of person Li Qingshan was. He always settled his grievances. He was straightforward, but he was not the crafty kind to try tricks and deception.

Li Qingshan smiled. “You might not know it, but I’ve already become the lord of the Demon domain…”

He specially came to find Li Long not just for some mental monologue or to “catch up with the past”.

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