Chapter 1602 - Hundun
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 1602 - Hundun

The mountains spanned like the ocean, rising and falling like waves. The dragons all peered up.

Li Qingshan stood in the sky. His emotions fluctuated and surged with the mountains and clouds as the star of Yinghuo drifted between the changing times.

The daemon star had emerged, a true god had fallen, and Qiongqi had submitted!

Before anyone could completely digest all this, he had begun a new round of war, demanding that the demons yield.

“I have not come for peace across the land, but for war across the land.”

He required the strength of the twelve Demon Gods, but if they refused to submit, he would not mind a great purge first. Even if all of the Demon Gods perished and the Demon domain was reduced to ruins, heh, that could even be considered as good news.

A cold smile formed on his face, and the black runes twisted and changed as a result. His scarlet eyes shone with ruthlessness, and he did not try to hide it, allowing it to dance and blaze like a storm.

The Demon Gods wavered. His will was completely sincere. He was really willing to destroy the entire Demon domain and make all the rebels perish.

Originally, their greatest source of confidence was that Li Qingshan did not have the courage to turn his blade towards them so easily. He had to earn their support through democracy. They were all ancient Demon Gods with extremely deep foundations, while Li Qingshan was only a new Demon God born for a crisis. He had only just undergone the seventh heavenly tribulation and did not possess the power to crush them.

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In simpler terms, Li Qingshan’s identity was equivalent to the enemy commander of a coalition army of tribes. When it came down to the important discussions, he still had to discuss it with them. He only possessed slightly larger authority during battle. It was an extremely ancient form of military democracy.

However, Li Qingshan clearly was not satisfied with that. He wanted to be a dictator, or in other words, directly enter the times of battle, when he would possess paramount authority.

They stood in confrontation… Li Qingshan’s brutal aura became heavier and heavier. His patience was already close to running out. By the time he waved the Sword of Xuanyuan in his hand, that would be the signal of the beginning of battle. He would not try to recruit them or accept their surrender anymore. He would continue until one side was completely destroyed, until they completely perished.

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