Chapter 1564 - Wretched Animal
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 1564 - Wretched Animal

The corner of Li Qingshan’s lips twitched. “We’re fucking done now!” Then he looked at the Upraised Light abbot, who had already shut his eyes, ready to be executed.

“You bastard, you brought me to this damned place. You need to take responsibility!”

He could not help but admit that if he did not go and sniff those lotus flowers like someone asking to die, bringing the Great Thunderclap temple to ruins, perhaps the Sangharama God would not be so furious. Perhaps he would let them off with a slight punishment.

But it was all too late no matter what he said. If apologies worked, what was the point of developing his powers?

With the fury of a true god, entire mountains would collapse!

After bowing to Tathāgata, his fair, plump skin had already become as red as lava, while his easygoing face became twisted like a vicious ghost. With a pair of blood-red eyes, his gaze dropped down on them slowly.

Boom! Li Qingshan’s eyes narrowed. He felt like a mountain had crushed down on him, making his hooves buckle, almost kneeling down on the ground.

However, the tiles under his feet did not crack at all, as if it was all just an illusion.

No, this was not an illusion! He had been overwhelmed in terms of laws.

After becoming a true god, he was already capable of wielding laws. He did not even need to cast any techniques. Every single movement he made possessed great might and great pressure. Meanwhile, as the guardian god, who knew how many wicked demons and heretics the Sangharama God had slain in the past. The fierceness of his aura ranked towards the top in the entirety of buddhism.

“Wretched animal, pay with your life!”

The violent bellow was like a sudden clap of thunder, like a lion’s furious roar!

Li Qingshan’s heart shuddered, and his organs were displaced. He was devastated as his entire body felt powerless. Blood welled straight up in his mouth.

The Lion’s Roar—also known as the Lion’s Roar arts—was one of the most common techniques of buddhism. Not only were many cultivators capable of it, but even masters

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