Chapter 1561 - Spiritual Mountain
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 1561 - Spiritual Mountain

Nālandā was sanskrit. It meant “almsgiving without intermission”, which meant “giving the buddhist dharma across all life, never to stop”.

It was also known as “the place where the lotuses bloomed”. The lotus signified wisdom and the buddhist nature in buddhist scriptures. Whenever mortals reached this place, they would attain great enlightenment, freeing them from their sources of suffering.

Because the buddha had once held sermons here before, it had another renowned name—Great Thunderclap temple. When the buddha gave sermons, it boomed like thunderclaps.

It was the most grand, most solemn, most glorious, and most sacred temple in all of Sukhāvatī, perhaps even the entire universe.

To the monks of the Pure Land sect, that was the case too, so they bestowed it with all the praises in the world, yet it was still not enough.

When the Upraised Light abbot mentioned this, he smiled unknowingly. Going to the Great Thunderclap temple in Sukhāvatī to see the buddha was the dream of every single monk in the world.

However, “Eggborn” began having second thoughts. As his memories gradually recovered, the name “Great Thunderclap temple” sounded familiar for some reason. He felt like it was not some good place.

By now, they had already crossed the city, currently facing a raging river. The currents were violent as great waves surged. When they gazed out, they were actually unable to see the other side. Even he found the situation to be extremely dangerous.

“Erm, abbot, I think I don’t want to go anymore.”

His memories and powers would completely recover in a few days’ time anyway. By then, he could look ahead and plan his next step. However, no matter where he went, there was no reason for him to strut around in front of the buddha.

The Upraised Light abbot smiled. “Oh, you’re afraid?”

“I’m kidding. What am I afraid of? Since you’re going to the Great Thunderclap temple and have a request, you’re welcome to ask the buddha. With his boundless powers, he can probably resolve it with just a twitch of his little finger

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