Chapter 1479 - Absurdity
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 1479 - Absurdity


The winds blew over from the distant mountains, filling the Scorching Fire hall and making the clothes of the direct disciple sway. It eased up the solemn atmosphere.

“What a strange gust of wind.”

“Who is it exactly?”

“From that direction… it might be a disciple from the Flying Star valley.”

The direct disciples discussed among themselves. All of the officers were currently inside Black Cloud city. It was impossible for them to travel so far away to face the tribulation.

They did not enlist the inner disciples of the sect for this battle, as they were the seeds for future direct disciples. They would not be of much help to this battle either, so there was no need to “sacrifice” them.

It was possible to say that even if all the direct disciples here perished, just the tremendous amount of resources freed up would be able to produce a few direct disciples.

“They succeeded?”

“Just what heavenly tribulation was that? Even the fifth heavenly tribulation doesn’t seem to create such a large disturbance.”

“Stop joking. Are you saying that they would choose to face the tribulation of a Human Immortal in the wilderness, right by a battlefield?”

“If that’s the case, are they supposed to choose to face the tribulation of a Human Sovereign in the wilderness, right by a battlefield?”

“This… it might also be a demonfolk.”

“A demonfolk has come to the Human realm to face the tribulation? Is there something wrong with their head?”

They argued away, actually unable to guess who the person who faced the tribulation was. However, war was imminent, and no one really tried to sniff out any clues either. They were just using this topic to distract themselves a little.

Ruan Yaozhu suddenly thought of someone. “Senior brother Li, where’s junior brother Qingshan?”

“Junior sister Ruan, won’t you look at what time it is? You’re still thinking about him at a time like this.”

Ke Xin was very irritated. She really had been frightened slightly this time. She had lost her gracefulness and ease from when she first spoke.

If it were just Li Liehuo, then she

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