Chapter 1234 - A New World
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 1234 - A New World

But at this very moment, the small world produced a tremendous force of attraction, swallowing the world fragment in a single gulp. Even Li Qingshan, who had already become the god of the world, failed to sense it. This was the instinctive desire of the world, just like how a person would struggle to control their desires no matter how clever they were. The body did not lie.

Li Qingshan had become the god of the world far too recently, and he had used a clever way to sneak his way into the will of the world.

The small world was Li Qingshan’s body, but he was like a vegetable. He was the only clear consciousness, but he could not even control the twitch of a finger. Otherwise, it would not be as simple as intensifying a snowstorm or drawing in the sky with clouds. He would be able to move entire oceans and mountains.

The world fragment completely fell into the small world and was immediately devoured. The laws of the world instantly changed in a subtle manner, affecting the entire world. Afterwards, it gave off an even stronger desire, basically even more obvious than when it devoured the Frost Province cauldron.

The Frost Province cauldron was only a condensation of the laws of the world, while the world fragments were the laws of the world themselves. They were on a level several times higher than the small world. It was basically the best nourishment it could receive.

As a result, under the cooperation from the small world, the second world fragment was sucked in basically without pausing at all when it fell into the Watermirror’s Image, becoming a lovely meal for the small world.

Li Qingshan had been thinking the entire time that if he could send these world fragments into the small world, it would assist the world’s growth and perhaps provide him with even more spiritual qi as support. On top of that, from a long-term perspective, the value of a world could never be underestimated.

As the world fragments fell into the small world, Li Qingshan felt his will rapidly grow and expand. In the past, he still had to shuttle around to observe the world, but now, his view had become vaster and vaster, deeper and deeper.

It was as if the vegetable could finally move a finger. The entire world answered him. In the past, he was still a thief that had managed to infiltrate the place, but now, he truly belonged there, gradually becoming the true lord of the world. He only needed a single thought and spiritual qi would surge over.

At the same time, the gradually-weakening connection between his main body and his clone had cleared up again. It was no longer his main body trying his best to sense for the world. Instead, a star was twinkling at him in the endless space.

He started with the smallest asteroids before moving onto boulders and small mountains. The meteor shower in the small world had already become colossal, burning stars, illuminating the dark night sky and becoming even grander and more glorious.

The great mountain that stretched several thousand kilometres was an issue. Li Qingshan gripped the Swelling Earth of the Nine Heavens firmly, tugged slightly with the Force Field of the Earth, and the mountain was torn apart. He even asked inside, “Xiaoming, Xiaoming, look at me. Am I like a god?”

“A god my ass! You’re only able to act so freely in outer space!”

Rāhu Xiaoming acted unimpressed, but he could not help but admit inside that this was simply astounding.

Power alone was not particularly impressive. Throughout the six realms of saṃsāra, there were basically plenty of people with these powers. In his peak condition, who knew how many times more powerful he was than this. However, the potential he had shown was basically unheard of. What he was wielding was the ever-present fundamental power of worlds, while in terms of age, he was merely a beginner on the path of cultivation. He had not even formally set foot in the six realms of saṃsāra yet.

Rāhu Xiaoming struggled to imagine what kind of upheavals he would bring when he formally entered the six realms of saṃsāra. Probably all the standards and laws would be rewritten because of him.

Mother, oh mother. You’ve made me find quite an impressive… friend!

Li Qingshan discovered that the small world liked the large mountains very much as well. Its response was not as intense as with the world fragments, but it accepted everything that came its way. It had a fantastic appetite.

Of course, these meteors that could not burn up in the air had become a problem. If he were not careful, then it would turn into the Armageddon mentioned in the Book of Revelation.

After being ripped apart, the pieces of the great mountain were still several hundred kilometres across. No matter where they landed, it would lead to an earthquake, let alone everything else. Regardless of whether they were innate masters or Qi Practitioners, not a single person would survive within a radius of several hundred kilometres. As a result, the ocean became the optimal choice.

After devouring the world fragments, the small world’s mass rapidly swelled, becoming larger and larger. The land was not too affected, but the sea level rapidly dropped. Only when Li Qingshan tossed the mountains into the ocean did it essentially stabilise.

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Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

As if the ocean was boiling, huge waves filled the skies, blotting out the sun.

However, he still had to control the rhythm, or it would lead to another great flood. Fortunately, the world fragments and the mountains belonged to a complete world originally, so some kind of balance existed, which would not lead to too great of an issue.

When the lightning on the snowy mountain subsided, Xue Bing descended from above and fell back onto the peak. She looked around in surprise. She had not successfully ascended, but she had indeed succeeded with the tribulation. Both her cultivation and her strength had completely changed.

When she swung her hand again and condensed some ice into a mirror, she discovered that not a single strand of white hair existed on her head. Even the wrinkles on the corner of her eyes had faded away. She was filled with a youthful vigour, clearly a sign of a large increase in lifespan. She was astounded. Just what is going on?

After devouring a large quantity of world fragments, the small world was no longer a small world. It could allow the existence of higher cultivators, and the first heavenly tribulation no longer led to ascension either. However, this was good news to her. Regular heavenly tribulations were obviously easier to overcome than heavenly tribulations of ascensions, so her sixty percent had become eighty percent or even a hundred percent.

This was fantastic news to all the cultivators in the world. The larger the world was, the easier it would be to cultivate.

From that day onwards, the situation of the world changed. Foundation Establishment cultivators that had undergone the first heavenly tribulation became the masters of the world, while the jianghu and the martial arts community completely became a dream of the past.

The situation between people was not everything that had changed. There was the entire situation with the world’s geography too.

Li Qingshan had sprinkled a bunch of islands in the ocean, not because he particularly liked islands, but because the Watermirror’s Image could only allow objects of such a size pass through.

The dead world no longer had any living creatures left, but its warm corpse still possessed a lot of information. Many strange, brand-new creatures would definitely be born on these islands.

However, perhaps that could not be said in such absolute terms. The petrified woman was so sturdy that even the flames and tremors struggled to destroy her, but a crack had suddenly appeared on her despairing face now. Despite losing all of her spiritual qi, perhaps a soul or a lingering will still persisted.

The pills and arcane treasures that had lost their value recovered a glow under the nourishment of the spiritual qi of the world.

Li Qingshan’s voice suddenly rang through the entire world, “Want my power? Then go find it in the depths of the ocean!”

A new age began.

The hero king had never left!

ps: 感谢“上官晕眩”同学的第二个盟主,记得上一次恭贺的时候,把晕眩写成了眩晕,这一次也有这种强烈的知错不改的冲动,不过我还是用我的节操按捺住了。

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