Chapter 1230 - The Swelling Earth of the Nine Heavens
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 1230 - The Swelling Earth of the Nine Heavens

Rāhu Xiaoming was pale-white. He pressed down on his chest firmly. The backlash of karma had already made him sacrifice all of his power to nullify it, but the memory still remained.

Even in a small world, the number of lives it held was measured in the billions.

He had destroyed worlds and annihilated all living creatures, and he had done so even without a proper reason, without bringing any value or benefit, completely out of his groundless malice. Even the twelve Demon Gods of the Demon domain would never do something like this. They would only expand the Demon domain, spread their ideology, and twist the concepts of good and evil.

Even the Demon Gods came nowhere close to this kind of evil. As a matter of fact, it was so great that he could not even feel it. It was only the fall of stars, one by one.

However, the Asura realm was not the Demon domain. Instead, it was one of the three higher realms within the six realms of saṃsāra. Asura definitely were not evil gods.

The world right before him seemed like he had destroyed it with his own hands. The mountains all weighed on his chest, suffocating him.

“Xiaoming, what’s wrong with you?” Li Qingshan asked in surprise.

Rāhu Xiaoming waved his hand powerlessly.

Li Qingshan arrived before him with a single step and threw a punch.


An incoming asteroid was smashed to pieces, almost pulverising Rāhu Xiaoming. In his current state, even if he managed to survive somehow, he would be heavily injured.

Li Qingshan suffered from the rebound instead, taking half a step back as he felt his body churn. The power behind the asteroids was far too great. He lowered his head and asked, “You fine?”

Rāhu Xiaoming thanked him with difficulty.

By now, the kunpeng had already left the huge mountain, venturing further into the mountains. Great mountains hovered everywhere around them, and the atmospheric winds and the magnetic fields had become even more disorderly and violent.

The kunpeng constantly shifted its posture, flapping its wings, controlling the atmospheric winds, and fending off the magnetic fields. It could no longer afford to watch over Li Qingshan and Rāhu Xiaoming on its back.

Li Qingshan lifted up Rāhu Xiaoming and spread the wings of wind, absorbing the atmospheric winds as he dodged on the kunpeng’s back. When he was unable to dodge, he would use the Force Field of the Earth to shift the position of the asteroids.

The only fact worth rejoining over was the strength of the earth growing stronger and stronger, providing him with endless energy.

Rāhu Xiaoming was dispirited as if he had returned to the state before his rebirth. As a result, Li Qingshan asked him intentionally, “If you can survive in outer space, why don’t you just stay here, find a remote corner, and cultivate for a few thousand years? Your strength will probably have recovered by then.”

“We belong to worlds, not outer space. Mortals can also survive by eating grass and bark, but they will decline. Spiritual qi is a vital resource, so choosing an appropriate world is more important than anything.”

The higher the lifeform, the closer to the fundamental powers the energy they possessed was, but the closer the energy was to the fundamental powers, the more difficult it was to absorb and convert. Spiritual qi to cultivators was equivalent to food to mortals. Even for certain talented existences that could break free from the need for food, absorbing sunlight like plants, it would be nowhere near as convenient or efficient as directly absorbing spiritual qi.

“I see. If you return to the Asura realm, your strength will probably recover much faster!” Li Qingshan remarked.

The Asura realm was much larger than the nine provinces, and the will of the world was much stronger as well. As a beloved son of the Asura realm, the benefits he would receive would be unimaginable. He would be endowed by fate.

“Going back before I completely recover will just be death… but if I could get my hands on a few more Asura Fields, it would be extremely useful.” Rāhu Xiaoming hesitated before mentioning a request for once.

“Once we return to the nine provinces, I’ll steal a few for you.”

Li Qingshan generously offered up other people’s items. He would be going to the Dragon province to kill prince Si Qing anyway. By then, he might as well teach his entire family a lesson. How difficult would returning with a few Asura Fields be?

Rāhu Xiaoming thought about it. “Though, this place isn’t without treasures. Since the atmospheric winds and the magnetic fields still remain, there must be Atmospheric Wind Essence and Earthen Magnetic Poles. They can be used to forge innate arcane treasures. The fragments of the world are extremely precious as well, but we don’t have the ability to collect them right now.”

“Innate arcane treasures!” Li Qingshan was very interested.

“Atmospheric Wind Essence! Does that really exist? I originally thought it was all a legend. I even searched for it before.”

Gu Yanying was extremely interested as well. Her jade folding fan from before was already destroyed. She was in need of a new fan.

“These two items both exist with worlds, like the blood vessels beneath its skin. Only when the world collapses will they appear, so they’re obviously quite difficult to find. Once you drain out the “blood vessels”, the world will decline faster too.”

“Then aren’t we standing in a mountain of treasure right now? The world is dead anyway. It’s perfect for us to search its corpse!”

Li Qingshan’s eyes glowed with interest. He felt like even if outer space was dangerous, it came with its own opportunities.

“Though, I’d advise us to not stray too far from our path or stay here for too long. This is not a safe place.” Rāhu Xiaoming had not mentioned this in the beginning because he did not want them to stay here for too long. Then he murmured to himself, “In such a large world, there might even be that…”


“Just forget about it. Atmospheric Wind Essence and Earthen Magnetic Poles bear very evident special characteristics and come in vast quantities. That item doesn’t give off any aura at all. Even if it does, it’s a tiny, tiny amount. Only by smashing open mountains one by one do you have a chance at fighting it, but it’s possible for that to not exist at all. However, if you can find a piece, it’ll be worth it. Unfortunately, we’re far too weak right now.”

When Rāhu Xiaoming spoke about the Atmospheric Wind Essence and Earthen Magnetic Poles, he was surprisingly calm. Who knew how many worlds he had shattered already, so of course, he would not be interested in these “common goods”. However, when he mentioned that item, even he showed interest.

Li Qingshan urged him. “Look at how you’ve described it! Just what is it!? Tell me!”

Gu Yanyin suddenly warned them. “Be careful ahead!”

A great cloud of asteroids hurtled over, varying in size and amounting to several tens of thousands. If one of the larger pieces fell on the nine provinces, it would directly flatten Great Buddha mountain, and even the small pieces were more than enough to kill great cultivators.

The area it covered was extremely great, such that even the kunpeng was unable to avoid the cloud. All it could do was gather the atmospheric winds and prepare for a rough battle.

Li Qingshan was stern. He brought his arms together and completely unleashed the Force Field of the Earth. The invisible force pulled and pushed in various directions. Some asteroids were repelled far away, while other pieces smashed together. Not only did he protect himself and Xiaoming, but he also protected the kunpeng beneath him.

Rāhu Xiaoming sighed. “If I didn’t see this for myself, I’d really struggle to believe this is something a Daemon King is capable of!”

Li Qingshan looked at his arms. He had always found the innate abilities of the ox demon easy to use, but he had outdone himself this time, probably because of the influence from the strength of the earth. He wondered whether that was the item Rāhu Xiaoming was talking about, so he mentioned the power he sensed to them.

“You can actually sense the Swelling Earth of the Nine Heavens?”

Rāhu Xiaoming was shocked. Just how many more innate abilities did he have? The strength of the earth was something that could be regarded as a fundamental power.

“Swelling Earth of the Nine Heavens? What’s that?”

After such a long time, Li Qingshan finally heard the words “Nine Heavens” again.

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