Chapter 1222 - Farewell, Comprehension
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 1222 - Farewell, Comprehension

A faint smile remained on Li Qingshan’s face. He was rather breath taken, but he was not saddened.

When the ape demon tried to scoop the moon, it was destined to end in nothing, so why should he feel saddened when the moonlight trickled between his fingers?

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“We’ve been husband and wife, so isn’t there anything you want to say to me?”

Yang Miaozhen could not help but say. The man before her had once made her so lost and crazy from love such that she even bore his child.

“I do have many things to say to you, but we aren’t husband and wife. Originally, I was thinking of leaving you. I didn’t expect you to beat me to it.”

“We aren’t?” Yang Miaozhen’s heart ached slightly with that.

Li Qingshan said firmly, “We aren’t! I once had a woman that I wanted to marry, but I let her down in the very end. Originally, I thought I could take her with me to wander the jianghu, but only in the end did I realise I was just dreaming. From that day onwards, I swore to never take on another wife, or swear some great oath to anyone, as in my life, it’s far too easy for everything and everyone around me to change.”

Only now did Yang Miaozhen understand why he only ever took on concubines without holding a single wedding. Previously, she thought it was because of his restless personality, as he could not stand these unnecessary and overly elaborate formalities.

It made her sigh gently. “I see. I’ve never heard you mention this to me.”

Li Qingshan smiled. “I’m not stupid. Why would I say something that’ll only annoy you?”

“Then why are you not afraid of annoying me today?”

“No matter how indifferent you seem, I know you are a person who values your relationships and your feelings. I’m afraid you still have something you can’t let go of, which will influence your ascension. After all, you’re a woman. There’s only an extremely small number that can be like Gu Yanying.”

“So at the end of the day, you still like society leader Gu.”

Li Qingshan shook his head. “Let’s not talk about this. Just sit here and listen to me. It’s only the beginning after you ascend!”

As a result, they sat before each other as one spoke and the other listened. Li Qingshan went from the matters to take note of during the tribulation to the cultivation method after ascension to the battles between cultivators. He covered everything, regardless of how important or trivial, passing all of the potentially useful knowledge like a master instructing a disciple that was about to leave him. Yang Miaozhen would speak up from time to time to ask questions.

They were no longer like a king and a concubine, but a senior and a junior, a conversation between two cultivators. Before she had realised it, the faint sorrow of parting had been completely washed away. Instead, she became filled with anticipation and hope for the future.

Three days later, there was a great storm of lightning. Yang Miaozhen rose up into the air, contending against the tribulation lightning.

A moment later, the clouds dispersed. Yang Miaozhen looked back and nodded at Li Qingshan before vanishing into the sky.

From that moment onwards, they were separated by the vast space. She was lost in the boundless sea of stars, probably never to see each other again.

This was not fickleness and faithlessness but because they had greater pursuits. Congratulating each other, no matter how far apart, was always better than reminiscing about a mere mound of earth.

Li Qingshan said softly, “Miaozhen, may everything go smoothly for you!”

He turned around and returned to the Central capital. By using his clone to observe the heavenly tribulation of ascension, he had gained a little more comprehension over the laws of the world, which he needed to properly digest. When he left this world in the future, it probably would offer him quite some help.

After devouring the Frost Province cauldron, the world began to change in a subtle manner, but none of these changes were instant. Instead, they silently took effect. Perhaps one day in the future, it would also be possible to condense Mountain and Water God Seals from the mountains and bodies of water in this world. It might even develop into a vaster world, but that was something for centuries or millennia in the future.

Finally, Li Qingshan no longer felt bored.

Very soon, they rebuilt the palace in the Central capital that the lightning and magma had destroyed; this time, it bore the distinct style of the Green province. In particular, it had a large statue standing in a square, carrying a blade on its back and gazing off into the distance. It was a statue of Li Qingshan. Everyone who passed by it would bow to it.

Deep within the palace, Li Qingshan leaned against his arm as he lay sideways on a couch. He was surrounded with snacks, whether it was peanuts, melon seeds, fruit, or cakes. He would casually grab some and shove them into his mouth as he maintained a mysterious smile as if he was daydreaming.

His hand felt around an empty plate, so he immediately called out, “Feihong, melon seeds!”

Feihong brought over a plate of melon seeds helplessly and cleaned up all the seed shells and fruit peels scattered on the ground. This was an important place where Gu Yanying handled official business, so regular maidservants had no right to enter here. As a result, a head caretaker like her was forced to personally serve the hero king.

From that day onwards, Li Qingshan became even lazier than before. In the past, he still went out for regular strolls, but now, he basically spent all of his time on the couch, without moving at all. He would go days and nights without sleep too, so he even developed black eye circles. To think he was the invincible hero king with unrivalled martial arts!


Li Qingshan suddenly burst out laughing, which made Feihong jump in fright. However, his eyes were empty . He was not looking at anything at all, which made Feihong let out a great sigh. She looked towards Gu Yanying who focused on official business. “Society leader Gu, is the king really fine like this?”

“Don’t worry about him. He’s comprehending the laws of the world right now!”

Comprehending the laws of the world? Feihong looked at Li Qingshan again. She saw the smile on his face ease up, except it became a little… perverted.

Living in the world, everything that a person did involved some comprehension of the laws of the world, but never had she seen someone comprehend the laws of the world like this. She could not help but shake her head and take her leave.

Gu Yanying asked without even looking up, “Qingshan, take a look at the south of the southern region. I’ve just received news that a few cave masters haven’t been particularly peaceful.”

“Yeah, give me a moment! Oh, I see it. The old bumpkins of the seventy-two caves have gathered a great group of natives for a meeting. They say the laws you’ve passed recently are too stringent, and they are trying to find a way to boycott it.”

After so many years, organisations that dared to oppose the World’s society openly no longer existed, but small incidents like this where they secretly disagreed and opposed what was happening were still unavoidable. The laws passed would often become completely unrecognisable by the time they had reached the lowest level of the system. Some people even took advantage of it to their own benefit, damaging the reputation of the World’s society.

Gu Yanying kept Li Qingshan here to use him as a super surveillance system. There was nothing in the world that could be hidden from him. She could immediately understand the true situation before tailoring a solution to the problem and rectifying the laws in a timely manner. She could maintain the respect and fear for the laws too, which conformed with the Hell realm even more.

And as Li Qingshan’s comprehension of the laws of the world deepened, it was no longer as simple as observation. It even involved the past and the future, such that he could learn the entire story behind an incident with a single glance. He could even observe the most subtle changes in the thoughts of people, or split his focus and observe multiple events. This was truly something only a god was capable of.

However, he treated this ability as television, ranging from dramas between the rich to love stories in the country, from animal world to humanity and nature. Every single channel was filled with interest, requiring his constant focus. There were even a few programmes of “that” sort, which he had watched plenty of as well, basically just so that he could change things up.

The only matter that brought Gu Yanying relief was he finally stopped throwing a tantrum about going back to the nine provinces.

Li Qingshan seemed to sense that. He abruptly said, “Gu Yanying, once I comprehend the laws of this world, we’re going back to the nine provinces. Don’t even think about putting it off!”

“Alright, please continue.”

“Hahahaha, these grandsonnies are simply hilarious!”

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