Chapter 1209 - Slaying the Demon and Assassinating the King, Labouring Asura
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 1209 - Slaying the Demon and Assassinating the King, Labouring Asura

Within the endless darkness, fury, curses, abuses, fear, and hatred bombarded over as waves. Li Qingshan stood in the centre of the darkness without budging, grinning. “What can you do about me?”

As a result, the darkness dispersed. Laying on a tree, he opened his eyes and saw the sky dark with rain. The autumn rain landed on the tree leaves. Three children crouched on the branch, varying in age, but all of them stared straight at him. They were like three wild monkeys, all holding brushes in their hands. Seeing how he had woken up, they all hid their brushes behind them in a hurry.

“Dad, you’re awake.”

Li Qingshan wiped the ink on his face. “You better watch as I spank your bottoms in!”

As a result, the three monkey children scrambled off the tree. He managed to grab the smallest one, who tried to defend himself. “I- it’s mum that made me do it!”

Sure enough, a woman rode a white elephant in the distance, laughing until she keeled over.

Li Qingshan tossed the child aside. The white elephant lifted its trunk and caught the child gently, bringing him back to his mother’s embrace.

“Gosh. You used so much force. What if he falls to his death?” the woman grumbled.

“If he falls to his death, then he deserved it! I have plenty of sons anyway!”

Li Qingshan smiled. There was at least one record he had broken in this world compared to the nine provinces, which was having children.

By now, he had almost twenty children in total. That was basically unimaginable in the nine provinces.

First, he had sufficient time. He rarely ever had any leisure in the nine provinces, and even if he did have spare time, he would spend it on cultivation. Furthermore, his power had been greatly suppressed. His body had grown countless times weaker, but his fertility had been drastically increased.

The world restrained his powers, but it did not restrain his ability to reproduce. And, the children he produced were not affected by the restraints of this world. Instead, they inherited his bloodlines, and every single one of them was energetic and vigorous.

He guessed this to be the world’s attempt to drain his energy. What a terrifying scheme!

The child was not afraid at all. He giggled away. “Even if you die, I won’t!”

With a smack, he was thrown on the ground viciously. The two other monkey children laughed their asses off, pointing at him. He climbed up in a dishevelled manner and lunged over with a roar. The three of them immediately became caught up in a fight.

Li Qingshan leapt down from the tree. He was holding a tiny infant in his arms. That was Rāhu Xiaoming. The sixteen years had made him grow even more feeble, so he was now no different from a regular human infant. He spent most of his time sleeping.

Li Qingshan was basically worried he would turn into a tiny tadpole if this continued.

He handed him over to the woman to take care of and arrived before a great canal. Almost a thousand people rested on the two sides of the canal. He asked loudly, “Have you all rested up!”

Everyone exploded into roars of laughter. As it turned out, Li Qingshan’s face had been painted pitch-black.

“Laugh my ass. Get to work!”

All of them answered his order loudly.

Li Qingshan leapt down. When he was still mid-air, he had already grabbed the hilt of the blade behind him. He swung down in the direction of the canal.

A blade aura whistled out, throwing earth everywhere and leaving behind a deep gash several hundred metres in the ground.

Everyone gathered over with tools, clearing away the rock and soil to build the canal.

Li Qingshan did not idle around either. He extended his monkey arms and dug away at the soil, advancing valiantly.

By now, he was no longer smiling anymore. Instead, his face was filled with firm endurance.

The group of people began working in full swing. Even the autumn rain over their heads seemed to evaporate as a result.

The woman made the white elephant help out with moving the soil too. The white elephant had already become a daemon, possessing boundless strength. Even when it carried several tonnes of earth, it seemed effortless. It did not need orders from anyone at all.

The woman only leaned against a tree and held the infant in her hands as she ate some sunflower seeds, watching the three children fight. From time to time, she would even encourage them. It was not like she had anything better to do.

Wu Huan followed the river and finally came across a canal that was still dry. They had not connected it with the water yet.

With the constant rain, the river swelled higher. As it seemed, it was only a matter of time before it burst its banks.

The demon and his lackeys might be building the canal right now. If I destroy the barrier and let the water rush them…

However, he dismissed that thought very quickly. He had come to kill the demon. It was impossible for the demon to die to a flood.

“Have you come to find the hero king?” A deep voice rang out as a glorious, dragon-like head poked out from the earthen barrier.

Wu Huan leapt in fright. Only now did he discover that the barrier separating the river and the canal was a giant turtle.

That was Old Patience that Li Qingshan had brought over from the Salvation temple. Under Li Qingshan’s guidance, his cultivation progressed very quickly, and he grew larger and larger. He could even speak human tongue now, so Li Qingshan arranged for him to serve as the barrier.

This must be the demon’s legendary mount! The demon loves associating with wretched daemons!

Wu Huan bowed respectfully. “May I ask where the hero king is?”

“Right at the end of the canal.” The giant turtle’s head shrank back inside.

“Thank you.”

Wu Huan followed the canal, but he felt his heart thump more and more, almost to the point where it stifled his breath. He stopped and gazed at the gloomy sky.

I’m not just doing this for the save of my revenge, but also to purge the demon so that the world can recover its peace. Right now, the martial arts alliance has already begun assembling an army for an expedition to the north. This battle will probably lead to great bloodshed and casualties. What I’m doing here is preventing war! A hundred years later, there’ll definitely be people who’ll remember my name. I, Wu Huan, will be the warrior who slew the demon and assassinated the king.

With such a great cause in mind, he did his best to calm himself down. He advanced resolutely.

Suddenly, a white speck appeared on the horizon. When he made it out, it was a white elephant, which made his heart skip a beat. She really is here! That was the spiritual beast passed down through the generations of the Nangong clan. It had been taken as well while it was taking her to her marriage, ending up in the northern region.

Venturing a little further, he discovered the white elephant moving soil laboriously. Even the white elephant had ended up like this, so what kind of pain had she been through?

However, it brought him relief. If he could die right in front of her and make her personally witness the man who loved her sacrifice his life to avenge her, it all would have been worth it!

Perhaps, perhaps he could even take her away from here! In a land of wilderness like this, there was only a measly group of labourers digging the canal. As long as he killed Li Qingshan, who could still stop him?

He gripped the Bone of Killing in his clothes and widened his eyes. Li Qingshan, I’m here. Where are you?

The canal was filled with dust as figures moved about. For a moment, he was unable to locate him.

“Hey, you over there. You’ve come for revenge, haven’t you?”

Li Qingshan’s voice rang out from within the canal.

At that moment, everyone stopped what they were doing, looking towards Wu Huan. Their eyes all shone with red light.

These dirty, dishevelled labourers had suddenly become asura.

All of the blood in Wu Huan’s body seemed to freeze. He discovered that every single one of them was actually an innate master. Standing in unity, their murderousness filled the air, with enough force to destroy everything in their path. It almost made his determination for revenge, for the greater good, collapse instantly.

Now, he finally realised he would not just be facing some demon, but the king of demons!

He was unable to utter a single word. He was unable to find the courage to do anything. He only stood there blankly, trembling on the verge of collapsing.

ps: 嗯,求票果然是有效果啊,离上一名就差几十票了,大家随我一起再接再励!

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