Chapter 1155 - The Back Courtyard of the Mountain Manor
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 1155 - The Back Courtyard of the Mountain Manor

Gu Yanying said, “Alright. You’ll continue to be in charge of the back courtyard, but I’m not the mistress, but the vice manor lord.”

“Thank you, manor lords. I will definitely do all that I can to serve the two manor lords. If there is anything you require, please let me know. We may be located in the distant north, in a land of cold, but even the alliance leader of the martial arts society cannot rival the everyday food and clothing we have.”

Yuan Feifei smiled from ear to ear. She never expected them to be so easy-going, without any haughtiness at all. They seemed a little easier to handle than the old ape.

“All I want right now is a good shower and then a few fine cups to drink,” said Li Qingshan.

“May I ask what kind of alcohol you’d like, manor lord? We have the Thousand Leaf Spring of the south, the Jade-red Blush of the west…” Yuan Feifei named over a dozen types of alcohol with ease, all well-aged and fine liquors.

“I want them all!”

“Impressive capacity, manor lord. What about you, vice manor lord?”

“Get the kitchen to cook up this ape meat. I want it later,” said Gu Yanying.

Yuan Feifei’s expression changed slightly. “Yes, I’ll go prepare right now!”

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Afterwards, she backed down in a hurry. Her footsteps were light and silent, clearly possessing impressive movement arts, but when she made her way around a corner, she stepped on the snow and tripped over. If it were not for the fact that her reaction was fast enough, that she caught herself with a hand, she almost would have slammed her head against a column. She cursed a little under her breath and thought, I’ve really been neglecting my martial arts practice lately.

Seeing this familiar sight, Li Qingshan and Gu Yanying exchanged glances. Was their misfortune supposed to be infectious?

“Looks like anyone who stands on our side, even if it’s all fake, will be affected too,” Gu Yanying said in thought.

“Then if they’re sincere, wouldn’t we basically be killing them? Don’t tell me we are suffering from the legendary fate of loneliness and misfortune?”

“Manor lords, caretaker Yuan has sent me to take you to the bathing pool.”

As they conversed, a woman in red came over with a lantern to lead the way.


Within the steam, Li Qingshan held a jade alcohol cup as he bathed within the pool constructed from white jade, exhaling deeply.

Four beauties, each with their own peculiarities, knelt behind him, holding items like a jug of alcohol, a fan, and so on. They would fill up the cup as soon as it was emptied, and they would even fan away gently. They were dressed in thin clothes, which made it possible to make out their graceful shapes beneath.

Li Qingshan had never been a gentleman that was impervious to lust. As a matter of fact, he could even be described as someone who would never let any opportunity slip by, but right now, all he could do was down cup after cup.

That was because Gu Yanying was sitting right on the other side of the pool, dipping her feet in the pool water. She smiled towards him. “You can treat me like I don’t exist and do whatever you want.”

She did not possess any ability to protect herself right now. Even falling over could be potentially lethal, so she could not leave Li Qingshan’s sight.

“I can treat you like you don’t exist, but they can’t. In particular, look at what you’re holding. Who can still get into the mood with that?”

Li Qingshan let out a belch. His gaze had already become slightly blurred. At least there was one benefit to this world, which was he could get drunk particularly quickly.

However, the four beauties behind him were stiff with fear. They did not dare to look in Gu Yanying’s direction at all.

“The monkey brains taste quite nice. Would you like to try some?”

Gu Yanying currently held the White Ape King’s head with a silver spoon in her hand as she ate away scoop by scoop. Her movements were just as elegant and graceful as ever.

Monkey brains were the easiest to cook, so this was the first dish the kitchen had delivered to Gu Yanying. Perhaps because they felt like it hinted at something, they made the dish with great care.

After a series of preparations, all that remained on the head was white bone. The skull had been opened up too, like a strangely-shaped vessel that served the monkey brains that was as tender as tofu. After a simple cooking process involving hot oil, it permeated with a heavy fragrance, but the vicious and resentful aura never dispersed. Combined with her beautiful appearance, it formed an eerie and frightening atmosphere, like something that could only be seen in a dream.

“Sure!” Li Qingshan smiled. He had even killed him, so was he supposed to be afraid to eat him?


Gu Yanying tossed the White Ape King’s head over. A few screams rang out from behind Li Qingshan as the four beauties retreated frantically. The jug was knocked over, and the fan fell on the ground. This was the “person” they had been serving the entire time, yet he had actually become food to others now. Was there anything more chilling and brutal than that? One of the women even collapsed on the ground and began dry-heaving with tears and snot strewn across her face.

Li Qingshan caught the head. With a quick glance at them, he shook his head. “We’ve really become monsters.”

If they had done this with a ruthless, sadistic mindset, then so be it. They would just be twisted madmen devoid of any morals. However, they did not actually treat this as a big deal at all. It was only an attempt to recover some strength. At most, they would feel a little bit of disgust inside.

“Hehe, I’m far too talented then. I was born a monster. You had to rely on effort.” Gu Yanying pressed her hands against the edge of the pool and lifted herself up. Her long hair touched the ground.

“Thank you for the praise. It does taste quite nice.” Li Qingshan laughed aloud and polished off the monkey brains before picking up the jug and filling up the skull, downing it in a single gulp. He waved his hand. “You can go!”

As if they had just been spared, the four women scrambled for the exit.

Within a warm pavilion, Yuan Feifei learnt about this and slapped the four of them across their faces. She scolded them. “You whores. How dare you disrespect the manor lord? What happened to the etiquette I normally taught you?”

The woman in red who brought Li Qinghan to the bathing pool said, “Forgive us, caretaker! We were just too frightened! You didn’t see it for yourself, but when he ate- ate it, it was like he was eating normal food! It felt like he could open up our heads and eat our brains at any time!”

Smack! There was another slap, which made the woman in red see stars.

“Refer to him as the manor lord!” Yuan Feifei sank into her thoughts for a moment before easing up. “You can’t blame me for being so heavy-handed. This is all for your sake. It’s quite late, so you should go and get some rest!” Then she looked in the direction of the bathing pool. “Li Qingshan, Gu Yanying, just who are you?”

The four women left the warm pavilion resentfully with swollen cheeks.

The woman in red said, “Come to my room and wait for me there first. I’ll go check on the situation outside!”

A while later, the woman in red returned to the room. She shut the door carefully and took out a piece of paper with ink that was still wet. She was excited. “I have something good for all of you!”

“Sis Feihong, what is it?” a young woman in yellow asked.

“This is the first page of the White Ape Sword Classic. That old ape daemon bragged quite a bit about it.”

“The White Ape Sword Classic!” the three women exclaimed at the same time.

Martial arts were extremely widespread in this world. They all possessed internal martial arts, except it was only for the sake of preserving their beauty and lasting in bed. They were forbidden from learning any techniques, so it was even less likely that they could come across such powerful martial arts.

“Where did you get it?”

“You don’t know yet, but something huge has happened in the outer courtyard…” The woman in red explained before suddenly smiling. “And that old ape claimed he was invincible in the world! Not only has he been exterminated with everything confiscated from him, but even his brains have been eaten! Now this is called retribution!”

“Just stop, sis Feihong. Just the thought of it is disgusting.”

“But if the caretaker finds out…”

“Hmph, once we learn this supreme sword style, would we still have to fear that old demon woman?”

“Who are you calling an old demon woman?” Yuan Feifei’s stern voice suddenly rang out from outside, which made the expressions of the four women change drastically.

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