Chapter 1133 - The Frost Province
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 1133 - The Frost Province

Bai Chen recovered his handsomeness and vigour again. He was like an immortal as he stood within the incense smoke. He bent forward slightly.

“I hope you don’t mind being generous. I will treat you as an honoured guest.”

Sure enough, he’s come for this!

Li Fengyuan could obviously tell what he was hinting at. If he refused to cooperate, then he would become a prisoner. This was also the greatest reason why his second father refused to let him leave Fire Melt mountain. His phoenix bloodline was the most precious resource in the world. There were no cultivators in the world that loathed longevity.

He took a step back and spread his arms, which turned into glorious wings. Wondrous light flowed across his body and holy flames burned away, illuminating the entire Divine Feather palace. 

“Let’s do this, Featherfolk King!”

“How unwise. Don’t you understand that you stand absolutely no chance against me!”

Bai Chen was slightly angered. The surrounding space ripple.

“I know. I don’t even have a ten thousandth of a chance of defeating you, but even if I don’t have that strength, I should demonstrate my strength at the very least. I’m not going down without a battle!”

Li Fengyuan shot towards the Featherfolk King resolutely with the glorious flames. The Featherfolk King before him suddenly vanished, and at the same time, he felt someone grip his neck firmly. His glorious flames immediately vanished.

“You’re not going down without a battle? I think this is just a futile effort! You’re pushing your luck!” Bai Chen gazed at Li Fengyuan coldly.

“Alright, alright. I’ve had my battle. I’ll be the honoured guest then!”

Li Fengyuan raised his hands helplessly, but he glanced at the only different-coloured smear among Bai Chen’s pure-white feathers again.

“Hmph. At least you have some sense in you!”

Bai Chen let go slowly, not because he was merciful and generous, but because he required Li Fengyuan’s cooperation if he wanted to maximise the effects of using phoenix blood to lengthen his life.

Li Fengyuan massaged his neck and thought, That wasn’t t

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