Chapter 1035: Honoured Guest Elder, Definitely No Ill Intentions
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 1035: Honoured Guest Elder, Definitely No Ill Intentions

It flashed extremely quickly, so quickly that it only lasted for a split second. If Li Qingshan had not been focusing on searching for a sword, he probably would have missed it. He was surprised. What’s going on? Don’t tell me the master of the Sword Collection palace is intentionally trying to fool me into choosing a worse sword?

He was not at fault for being so paranoid. Ever since he set foot on the path of cultivation, the Sword Collection palace had never expressed any good will towards him. Even now, they seemed to radiate with a vague sense of hostility.

But upon further thought, petty tricks like this did not fit the palace master’s style. They only had a brief confrontation, but he had always possessed sharp judgement over his enemies.

If the palace master doesn’t want me to pull out a sword, why would he let me come here? Or perhaps he wants to kill me on the Sword Collection peak, but that doesn’t really seem necessary?

Whatever. It’s a treasured sword anyway. I’ll just take it!

Li Qingshan flew over and grabbed the sword by its hilt. Originally, he thought he had to use his strength of the ox demon to pull it out, but he never expected the sword to slide out with the slightest tug. It was as easy as pulling a sword out from its sheath.

With a gentle tremble, the specks of rust on the sword all fell off. The sword was as thin as a cicada’s wings, almost transparent. The bright and clear moonlight suddenly twisted and gathered on the sword’s blade, seeping in bit by bit. Only then did the blade gradually swell and fill up.

There was a half-moon on the hilt. Li Qingshan raised the sword into the air and brought it together with the yellow moon in the sky. It formed a perfect full moon.

“It’s Soul Cycling!” Ji Xuanri’s expression changed and subconsciously grabbed the Spirit Destroying on his waist. There was a scorching sun on his hilt.

Soul Cycling and Spirit Destroying were both part of the Ten Renowned Swords.

These two swords were not a yin and yang pair like Green Ruins and Violet Clouds, but they sti

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