Chapter 94: Terror Forest
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 94: Terror Forest

“Big brother Feng, why has big brother not come to see me recently? Even in the game, he doesn’t talk to me.” Yang Xi Ruo was a bit worried about her brother’s safety.

Yang Xi Ruo was only wearing sleep clothes that revealed her snow white shoulders and jade like hands. It didn’t reveal her figure, but it was already beautiful that one couldn’t turn away. It was quite hard for Feng Xiao to calm his heart and he looked at her with a gaze of praise.

“Relax, he is doing with a man should do. He didn’t talk to you because he didn’t want to distract himself and he didn’t want you to worry.” Feng Xiao softly said.

“Will it be dangerous?” Yang Xi Ruo became a bit nervous. She and Yang Ao Tian were connected by destiny, they had a deep sibling relationship.

“No, there won’t be any danger.” Feng Xiao said with a smile.

Indeed, he could die a hundred times in the game and there wouldn’t be any danger at all.

“Big brother Feng, is there anything I can do to help you? I don’t want to just lie here and become a burden for you.” Yang Xi Ruo’s body had been nourished by the chaotic qi for a long time, so her vitality had recovered quite a bit. Her pure as jade face began to fill with colour again.

Feng Xiao’s hand came onto her chest and slowly sent pure chaotic qi in. He said with a faint smile, “You just need to be happy each day. You are the only spiritual support for Ao Tian, you can be considered his life. As long as you’re fine, he will be able to focus his entire mind on the thing he’s doing.”

After eating lunch, the three of them talked for a bit before logging onto the game.

Yang Xi Ruo worked hard on planting flowers, hoping that she could do something. Her Life Skill Job was as a gardener, so she could plant all kinds of plants, giving all kinds of delicious fruits and some could be used to make medicine. Therefore she was also a beginner pharmacist and alchemist, only she rarely used these two life skills.

Feng Xiao and Feng Yao continued on, carefully passing through the level 40 Killer Bee and level 60 Iron Armoured Bear’s territories. They were getting closer and closer to their goal.

Other than logging off to eat and for short rests, Feng Xiao and Feng Yao kept approaching the cave on the map. They bullied weak mobs and evaded strong mobs, having quite a safe journey.

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