Chapter 83: Xuanyuan Wan’er’s doubts
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 83: Xuanyuan Wan’er’s doubts

“Xiao Tian, quickly come back to the ‘Feng House’ with Xiao Bing, I’ll give you my scraps.”

“Scraps? You’re not embarrassed about giving me your scraps…..Ah, wait, wait, wait, wait, I didn’t say anything, I’m coming right now.” Xiao Tian wiped the cold sweat off his head, almost throwing away the Asura’s history’s most flashy equipment.

When Feng Xiao brought Feng Yao back to the Feng House, there was a still half an hour before the system requested log off time. Feng Yao liked this in game house very much and quickly bonded with Ruo Ruo. When she saw Feng Xiao approach with his face as thick as city walls, her face couldn’t help turning red.

Seeing the happy appearance of the two girls, Feng Xiao’s heart filled with warmth.

“Big brother Feng, your little sister…..No, it’s big sister Feng Yao, she seems to……”

“What is it Wan’er? Is there something wrong with my little sister?” Hearing the strangeness in Xuanyuan Wan’er’s voice, Feng Xiao was a bit surprised.

“Big brother Feng, I actually can’t see through her.” If she had a body, her brows would definitely be tightly knit. She was thinking very hard about solving this matter that puzzled her.

“Can’t see through? You mean you can’t see through her memories?”

“Un!” Xuanyuan Wan’er seriously said, “Really, it’s so strange.”

Feng Xiao raised a brow and asked, “Could it be that there are few people whose memories you can’t see?” He thought about how Xuanyuan Wan’er used to be able to see through his memories, but that strange soul magic that appeared stopped her from seeing through him.

“It’s not very little, there are almost no one. There are only three situations where I can’t see through someone.”

“Three situations?”

“Un, one is an existence that has a comparable or greater strength than the Xuanyuan Sword at its peak.”

“Even stronger than the Xuanyuan Sword at its peak? Is there something like that? The Xuanyuan Sword is legend’s ‘strongest power’. Ah, perhaps only the Eastern Emperor’s Bell in first place can possibly be stronger.” Feng Xiao thought about it.

“The second situation is an existence like big brother Feng or the Purple Thunder Qilin with even stronger soul power than me.”

“My soul power is stronger than yours? How could that be possible?” Feng Xiao didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “My soul magic can just see some information, it can’t compare to your ability to see memories at all.”

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