Chapter 81: Feng Yao changes Jobs
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 81: Feng Yao changes Jobs

“Big brother!” Feng Yao’s gentle voice filled with happiness came from the communication device.

Feng Xiao’s mind turned and he replied, “Yao’er, are you this happy because you finished your quest?”

“Yes, big brother! I accidentally killed a little rabbit outside the village when I was angry and then it dropped a fang for me. I thought that the rabbits didn’t have fangs before.”

Feng Xiao was covered in a cold sweat.

“It doesn’t matter, it’s good you finish the quest. Quickly come to the city and I’ll bring you to change Jobs.”

“Un, I’m about to turn in the quest and then I’ll come to your side.” Feng Yao happily hung up the call.

Feng Yao’s inventory with only fifty spaces were filled with all kinds of fangs. She carefully took inventory again before walking to the Beginner Village’s village head.

“I should be able to learn the appraisal skill that will help big brother.”

“Ding! World Announcement! World Announcement! All players in the world please note, due to large demand from the players, Ying Luo has updated the «Rebirth» system and the servers will close at midnight. At that time, the currency exchange, marriage, and fashion systems that people have waited a long time for will open. We ask all players to log off within an hour.”

“Ding! World Announcement……”

“Ding! World Announcement……”

Hua! Rebirth fell into an uproar.

Hand of God, “It’s finally opening. Quickly prepare the funds, the real competition is about to begin!”

Wild Demon Wolf, “Quickly, prepare to exchange for gold coins immediately. When the time comes, buy the best equipment, construct the biggest guild, and recruit the most people…...”

Heavenly Demon Wind Clouds, “It’s been a long time, the Heavenly Demon Gang will become the number one guild!”

Scarlet Flames Burning the Heaven, “Humph, it’s finally our reversal time.”

Blood Domain Gang, “It doesn’t matter how much money you spend, buy all the equipment on the equipment rankings.”

Soul Destroying Gang, “Humph, humph!”

Money Seeker, “My empire, it’s coming.”

Little Blade, “He, he…….”

Feng Xiao revealed a cold smile, “I never thought that the currency exchange would open this quickly, I thought it would take at least a month. He, he, like this, my plans can begin ahead of time.”


“Young master Feng, I understand.”

“It’s not this. Go to the ‘Popular World’ store’s warehouse and prepare all the equipment from before.”

“Yes.” Maniac hung up the call. He never questioned anything.

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