Chapter 79: Beauty ranking
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 79: Beauty ranking

“Young master, you’re back!” Shui Ruo Ruo in a pink robe happily came forward to welcome them, but suddenly seeing two men beside Xu Yi, she was stunned.

Xiao Tian’s drool almost poured out, “Such a little treasure with an ancient taste…...Boss, where did you get her? She even calls you young master, aiyo.”

Feng Xiao slapped the back of his head, “Where did all this nonsense come from. She is a maid from the system and my little darling, don’t have any ideas.”

“......Little darling?!”

Xiao Tian honestly looked at Feng Xiao for a while before saying with an obscene smile, “Boss, I’ve found that you’re quite obscene! People of the same faith, people of the same faith!”


Xiao Tian was kicked to the ground.

“Big brother Feng, you’re back.” Yang Xi Ruo came in from the back garden. When she saw the sorry looking Xiao Tian and the emotionless Chen Bing, she gave a soft “yi” sound.

With the arrival of this girl with a flawless delicate face and an extraordinary aura, even Chen Bing couldn’t help taking an extra look at her.

“Big brother Feng, these two are?”

“Ruo Ruo, Xi Ruo, these two are my brothers. Of course…..Ke, ke, one of them doesn’t have a good character, so just pretend he doesn’t exist.”

“Come, let’s go in for some tea. It’s been a long time since we three brothers have been together.” Feng Xiao pulled Chen Bing with his left hand and Xiao Tian with his right hand. After seeing that Xiao Tian wasn’t moving at all, he doubtfully looked at him and had the urge to send him flying with a kick.

My face as the boss is all lost.

Xiao Tian had a pig face as he looked right at Yang Xi Ruo. There was drool coming from his mouth and even his eyes almost popped out.

“Boss, am I dreaming…..After little sister Yao’er, I finally saw a fairy that I really want to give myself to. Comparing my family’s Qing’er with her, it simply is……”


Feng Xiao dragged Xiao Tian across the ground and went into the living room.

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