Chapter 360: Ice vs Hand of God (Part 2)
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 360: Ice vs Hand of God (Part 2)

If this match happened ten days ago, everyone would have thought that it would be a one sided fight. A Job that was recognized as the most trash Job and one that had never fallen out of the top five of the level ranking, as well as having a Hidden Job that was recognized as the most powerful magician Job. If it was before, this would have been a match that had no suspense in the hearts of the people.

But now, although most people believed that Hand of God would win, they didn’t think that he would win that easily. Chen Bing Er’s performance from before was the best proof for this.

With the “battle begin” notification, Hand of God immediately started casting. A hand came up and as quickly as possible, there was the powerful “Thunderbolt Strike” that had been condensed. As long as it hit, he was confident that even if the other side had 50% thunder resistance, they would be instantly killed! Moreover, with his current distance, he didn’t think that she could interrupt him before he casted his spells.

Chen Bing Er was faster than him. As soon as he started casting, the sky dimmed and there was a layer of water that came from the sky that drenched him. People were confused by this move. Hand of God wasn’t a fire magician and he wasn’t a close range Job, so what use did the “Rain Storm Spell” have?

From beginning to end, Chen Bing Er never did anything else. Her hand, her mouth, and her body all didn’t move, it was as if the water barrier fell on its own. But this Rain Storm Spell only lasted half a second before fading. There was no chant that continued it and the moment that the Rain Storm stopped, he had finished chanting. Hand of God’s eyes flashed and pointing with his right index finger, there was a thick bolt of lightning that was shot at Chen Bing Er.

With his magic attack, this skill would have a base damage of 12000! He didn’t think that there were any magicians that could resist this attack.

The calm eyes looked at the lightning that came in an instant and Chen Bing Er finally moved. Those hands that were lik

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