Chapter 215: Fourth Job - Storm Ripper
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 215: Fourth Job - Storm Ripper

With depression and doubt, Feng Xiao left the blacksmith and headed to the Heavenly Dragon Palace.

He wanted to end it today with this Heavenly Profound Fantasy Jade.

……When he came out of the Heavenly Dragon Palace, Feng Xiao’s depressed look became even heavier because no one knew what this piece of jade was for. Moreover, he heard an even more disappointing piece of news…..Although there were records of the Chaos Sacred Water, it was the same as what he had heard from Tian Fa and he couldn’t find a location for it.

When he came back to the Feng House, he took out the green scroll. The depressed look on Feng Xiao’s face disappeared and he couldn’t help breaking in wild laughter.

A magnifying glass for a real heaven defying Heaven Defying Scroll, was there anything more convenient in this world?

Feng Xiao wished that he could kiss that already dead pineapple on the head.


After putting the Absolute Heaven Scroll back into his inventory, he took out another scroll.

“The fourth Hidden Job after Asura, Magic Warrior, and Flying Dragon Sacred Rogue, don’t disappoint me.” After muttering this, Feng Xiao wasn’t in a rush to use the scroll. Instead, he carefully checked the introduction of the Job.

Storm Ripper: Ancient Job

A Job that’s good at wild attacks without defending the body. It shoots out arrows like a wild storm that will rip away all Hindrances. This was the Job that the envoy Chasing Moon under the Heavenly Dragon Goddess owned, but after being mortally wounded by the Demon Monarch’s subordinate Demon Moon, when waiting to die, she sealed her remaining power into a scroll for a destined person to receive this Job.

This envoy named Chasing Moon was already dead.

Before dying, they left behind the Immortal Grade Seven Star Shattering Moon Bow and sealed their Hidden Job in a Job Change Scroll……

This meant that whether it was the Seven Star Shattering Moon Bow or the Storm Ripper Job, they weren’t able to show their full power. But this also meant……

There was giant room to grow!

Feng Xiao no longer hesitated and ripped the Storm Ripper Job Change Scroll. Although he could only inherit a part of this Job’s skill, it was still a Hidden Job!

The shattered scroll released a green glow that slowly entered his body. There was a small green tornado that revolved around him several times before gradually disappearing.

“Ding, congratulations on changing to the Hidden Job ‘Storm Ripper’. HP +200, Accuracy +100, Strength +20, Vitality +20, Agility +30, Wind Resistance +30, Move Speed +10, and field of vision has increased by 5 meters.”

“Such strong stats, it’s not inferior to the Flying Dragon Sacred Rogue!” Feng Xiao was filled with excitement. He was filled with expectations as he looked at the skills of the Job.

Storm Arrow: Uses the power of the storm to shoot out a storm of arrows. Legends say that this is the fastest arrow skill in the history of the Heavenly Dragon Continent. The arrows can change the colour of the sky and shock gods and demons. Even the Hea

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