Chapter 153: The legendary Asura equipment
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 153: The legendary Asura equipment

Feng Xiao had a thought before a conch appeared in his hand. This was the Ten Thousand Mile Sound Transmission Snail that Tian Xiu gave him before.

“Old man Tian Xiu, can you hear me?” Feng Xiao tried calling into the shell and immediately, Tian Xiu’s unhappy voice came from inside.

“Brat! This old man has having fun, quickly fart if you need to!”

The sounds of waves came from the shell and Feng Xiao curled his lips. This old man was playing with water.

Feng Xiao wasn’t in the mood to waste words with him, so he snappily said, “This young master just got a pair of gauntlets named ‘Asura’s Reverse Scale’ and it seems to have the same origin as the Asura’s Illusion. I wanted to ask you, are there other special equipment for Asuras?”

“You got the Asura’s Reverse Scale? Where did you find it?” Tian Xiu’s unhappy voice disappeared as it was replaced with a voice of shock.

“I comprehended an attack skill and the system automatically gave it to me.”


Tian Xiu was so envious that he wanted to slam into a wall. There was no one who understood better than him how hard it was for an Asura to comprehend an attack skill. He had tortured himself for three thousand years without comprehending an attack skill, but how had this kid done it so easily!

The Saint Emperor Level comprehension really wasn’t for nothing.

Tian Xiu seriously thought for a bit before slowly saying, “The Heavenly Dragon Continent does indeed have a set of exclusive equipment for Asuras separated into a head accessory, a mask, gauntlets, armour, cloak, boots, and a bloody sword. These seven pieces of equipment were Luo Jia’s and three days after he became an Asura, they all evolved into the powerful Asura Set. Kid, can you guess how many people he killed in those three days?”

“Three days?” Could it be a thousand?”

“No! Ten thousand!”


“Being bathed in the blood of ten thousand people, the killing intent and slaughter energy filled his equipment and turned these seven pieces of equipment into terrifying Divine Equipment. There are still six pieces of the Asura Set on the Heavenly Cloud Continent, but they’ve all disappeared to unknown places. The Asura’s Illusion was found by me in an evil dragon’s lair.” Tian Xiu’s voice was filled with yearning, as no one could understand his desire for the Asura Set.

“Six pieces? What about the last one?” Feng Xiao asked.

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