Chapter 147: Flying Dragon Flowing Cloud Hand (Part 1)
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 147: Flying Dragon Flowing Cloud Hand (Part 1)

Sky Treading: Can freely fly no higher than thirty meters. Flying speed = move speed. The rider’s stats will not change while flying.

Purple Thunder Sky Splitting Strike:

Costs 300 HP and 100 MP.

Summons nine bolts of heavenly profound thunder to attack enemies in the air within ten meters and twenty meters on the ground. Deals 200% magic damage and has a 10% chance of causing paralysis. Does not need to be chanted, has a 10 second cooldown.

Theft is never good, try looking at

Cloud Wing Charge: Master and mount combination skill

Charges down from the sky and greatly increases the power of the master’s attacks and skills.

Effect: Increases damage by 50%.

Trigger conditions: Be 10 meters up in the air.

Costs 30 MP and doesn’t have a cooldown.

Purple Thunder Shadow Break Thrust: Master and mount combination skill

Gather all of the user’s lightning power to charge forward, charging with the master’s weapon to kill all enemies in a straight line.

Effect: Straight line attack. Attack power is three times the master’s normal attack and adds 200 lightning damage, as well as a 100% chance of knockback and 30% chance of paralysis. Can charge 10 meters and lasts 0.1 seconds, but takes 0.5 seconds to charge.

Costs 70 MP to use and has a cooldown of 30 seconds.

“Such powerful skills!”

Especially the powerful Purple Thunder Shadow Break Thrust. Feng Xiao believed that even Immortal Grade Mounts didn’t have such a powerful attack and Xiao Bai had it at level 30.

Feng Xiao had countless doubts about Xiao Bai’s background, but even if he was a fool, he could tell that Xiao Bai wasn’t normal.

Feng Xiao estimated that Xiao Bai at the same level and grade would have stats that far surpassed Xiao Xiao and Xing Xing who were sacred beasts.

Could it be that he really was one of the four legendary sacred beasts, the White Tiger?

Feng Xiao quickly overruled this idea. The White Tiger was the sacred beasts with the strongest attack, but its greatest weakness was that it couldn’t fly, otherwise it would be the head of the five sacred beasts. Xiao Bai had clearly grown wings.

As for its origin……based on this trend, wouldn’t it become a Sacred Beast one day?

“Big brother, what are you thinking?” Seeing his slightly dazed expression, Feng Yao with a proud and satisfied look asked this as she stood there looking like a fairy.

“I’m thinking about Xiao Bai.” Feng Xiao gently looked at Feng Yao, “Yao’er, it's a good thing that you came just now or I really didn’t know how to deal with them alone.”

Feng Yao revealed a faint smile as she felt happiness fill her heart.

A door was slowly formed and when Feng Xiao was about to go in, he suddenly had a thought. With an evil smile, he reached his hand out at Feng Yao as quickly as lightning.

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