Chapter 144: Time Nightmare (Part 2)
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 144: Time Nightmare (Part 2)

Feng Xiao had a displeased look when he came out of the gaming cabin. He bumped into Feng Yao who just came out of the bath and his eyes couldn’t move away.

Feng Yao narrowed her beautiful eyes and said with a faint smile, “Big brother, why did you log off so early today? Yi? Your expression seems strange.”

Feng Yao only had a towel wrapped around her at thai time, exposing the skin that was as smooth and shiny as lamb fat. There was an enchanting breeze that flew past that immediately made his head explode. Feng Yao’s jade hand came to his face and the jade skin of her slender arm was dazzling.

“You don’t have a fever. Big brother, are you in a bad mood?” Feng Yao seriously looked at him.

Feng Xiao didn’t say anything as his eyes fell onto Feng Yao’s pink lips and her jade face as a strong fragrance of a woman hit his nose. Feng Yao felt Feng Xiao’s gaze and immediately realized something. Her eyes were so smooth that it almost seemed like water was about to drip out. When she looked down at Feng Xiao, she couldn’t help being surprised.

When she reached her hand out, a bit of the towel had slipped and the snow white jade peaks had revealed themselves a bit which made Feng Xiao’s mind wander.

Feng Yao took a light breath and then quickly wrapped up the towel before running to her room. She didn’t forget to shout out, “Good night, big brother!” as she ran off.

Feng Xiao gave a bitter laugh before suppressing the flames in his heart and returning to his room.

Lying in bed, he couldn’t sleep no matter what. His mind was filled with the matter of the Shennong Cauldron trial. When midnight came, he finally couldn’t take it as he stood up and looked at the moon from the balcony.

The bright moonlight fell down, making Feng Xiao’s figure look lonely and desolate. He had already forgotten his habit of watching the moon once a month from several years ago because only when he was bathed in moonlight would his heart find peace. But he didn’t like the half moon shape of the moon because it made him think of memories that he didn’t want to think about.

“Yao’er, there’s still ten days before school begins.” Looking at the half moon that was covered by the dark clouds, Feng Xiao gave a sigh before revealing a faint smile.

The tightly shut window was pushed open without a sound and a dark figure silently entered the room, touching the two slender bodies in bed. Although it was dark, he could see everything clearly. There was a bad hand that reached out to touch Feng Yao’s slender face.

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