Chapter 193
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"It can alter souls?" Jian Jiutuan asked with a shocked and vigilant expression.

"No no no, it does nothing of that sort. In your cultivation, you must have created a spiritual place or object within you, the information will be written into those things." Yang Xiaotian quickly explained.

"Even so, it is quite impressive and scary at the same time." Jian Jiutuan said with a frown.

"It is not a forced implant, the process is very refreshing and peaceful. But I suggest not to try it now, go back, sit down calmly, and try it. There is a lot to understand and learn in those scrolls." Yang Xiaotian said with a smile.

In the last few years, Yang Xiaotian has made great strides in his cultivation. The greatest of his success is his advancement in understanding of Tai Ji. Surprisingly or perhaps not so surprisingly, this advancement was actually initiated by Mu Meiér. One day, he discovered Mu Meiér practicing Asura's Fist technique as an extension of Tai Ji. She was performing Asura's Fist techniques in complete harmony with Tai Ji. This incident shocked Yang Xiaotian greatly and he felt as if a new world of ideas opened up to him.

Adding more to his shock, he discovered Lin Anning performing her old Hundred Flower Sect's Myriad Sword Petal technique in tandem with Tai Ji. She applied the principles of Tai Ji into the core of her sect's sword technique and turned it into an extremely powerful sword attack technique. These two incidents would have been enough to shock him to the core but then he discovered that all of his wives had been experimenting with Tai Ji and discovered new ways to perform Tai Ji or apply the principles of Tai Ji into many other forms of practices. Even Tang Jinjing informed him that she found a way to modify the cultivation methods of her grandparents and parents by applying the principles of Tai Ji and making those methods even more powerful.

Yang Xiaotian felt like a complete idiot but at the same time, he felt very happy and proud. He also felt extremely blessed that these women chose to b

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